Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Being a Mother!

Do you know what's insane? How you can fall so far in love with a person, a little baby who you've never met in your entire life can mean so much, could be loved so much.

I carried my daughter Mia for 42 weeks and for that whole time, I was just carrying her, allowing her to grow inside me and become who she became the day I gave birth. We picked out baby names, chose clothes and toys she will wear and play with when she arrived. I enjoyed feeling her kick and move around inside me. It really is an amazing feeling, one I never thought I'd ever experience.

Throughout carrying her for all that time, I never gave one thought to how much I would love her, how much I would want to protect her and I see those same thoughts go through my partners mind also. It wasn't until the midwife passed our baby onto my chest did I realise that love at first sight does exist. It's a primal instinct I think, to immediately care deeply/love your child the minute their born. They're not some stranger you've just meet in the hallway, they are a part of you and your partner. They are everything that's good in the both of you and all that is squeezed together and it creates a little human that is all yours.

I was so afraid before giving birth.

Would I be a good mum?
Would I know if something was wrong?
Would I love her?

All of the above was answered with one three letter word. YES. YES. YES.

Now when I look at her and know that she will be 11 months this Monday. I'm shocked by how little time I have had to love her already but I know one thing, there is a whole lifetime a head of me, my partner and our daughter Mia which I will only fill with love for her.

That's my job as a Mother, to protect, to teach, to Love!

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