Saturday, 1 October 2016

Cool Crisp Air, Hot Chocolate Steaming, Fire Warming, Oh it must be October.

Conkers, Sweaters, Hot Chocolate, Scarves and Finger-less Gloves, Bonfires, Movie Nights, Leafs changing colour, reds, yellows and browns. Cool crisp air, cozy socks, Eskimo Kisses, Halloween.

Just some of the best things that will happen or start to occur in October. I like October as a month in general. I can't explain that so please don't ask. I just do. Haha.

This season to me to known as Sweater Season, I also like to call it Slow-cooker Season. YES. I will be dusting off my slow-cooker as I have a few recipes that I can not wait to try out, that are both hopefully healthy and hearty to fill the cold gap of Autumn, that I would usually fill with Salt 'n' Vinegar Pringles and Terry's Chocolate Orange. I can only dream.

This winter will be tough for me as I started my weightloss journey in May, so I've spent the entire summer eating light, cool meals. Now it's winter I'm looking forward to the Roasts, Stews, Casseroles, Bakes and the chocolate they all sell in festive themes. I mean who can say no to a chocolate Santa? Hhmm? Exactly no-one can and my favourite peppermint candy canes just sitting begging to be purchased. I think I might just have to store now and hibernate over the winter.

So yes I'm a little worried about that but hopefully the healthy winter recipes I've found will fill that void and maybe if I eat healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner I could allow myself a few treats.

I love the start of shorter days and darker mornings, cuddles and everything warm and cosy, this may just be my favourite season. But if they could make it so I wouldn't lose my summer tan throughout that would be great. 

What are some of your favourite things about October?


  1. my favourite is reading your posts - I find them very amusing x

  2. one of my daughters birthday in october x