Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The Night Sky, Oh I could watch you forever.

You know that part in Titanic where Jack is laying on the bench looking up at the stars, and the smoke from his cigarette is floating in the air creating a glaze of white in front of a small glimmer of our giant universe. That moment, I've experienced that. (on ground, not on the Titanic)

Whenever I would go to Norfolk and stay with my grandparents, who lived in the middle of no where so the light pollution only came from the house, I would have to stand outside to smoke, when I used to. I don't know anymore, and on a clear night I would stand their with Dave, my nans partner and we'd look up at the stars, discussing them, history and Jeremy Kyle. The stars were always there and even after he went back into the house I would stand there a little longer just to marvel in this show I was able to witness. From our universe to Earth and I at that moment had a front row seat.

My first experience seeing the stars like that was on a school trip to Trewern, on the first night we all went for a walk around the grounds, it was pitch black so we all had been given a torch. All of a sudden our guide told us to turn our torches off and look up. Now as a 12 year old I'd never been rendered speechless before until then, it was stunning the sky was jammed with stars, little specks among the slightly bigger, brighter ones, I was amazed and so the obsession began. My love for the stars had started.

When I was younger I really wanted to be an astronaut and a little part of me as an adult would still love to go into space just to view the stars from up there among them.

My favourite constellation apart from Aries is Orion the hunter, I'm always pointing this out to Nick whenever it is visible from our house so much that I think he could actually point it out now if I asked. In Orion there is a red super giant that serves as the right shoulder of The Hunter, this is called Betelgeuse, which I've read can be pronounced as Beetle Juice. I dare not say it two more times. Haha. Anyways I'd though I'd throw in some astronomy in here, to show I'm not just a weirdo staring into the stars every night, I'm a weirdo who knows a little bit about them too.

Space has always fascinated me, I think it's the unknown, the depth and the unpredictability about it that draws me in. It is on a clear night a light show on an enormous scale, that's free to watch and you get this sense of peace and clarity just watching them, and if you're wrapped up nice and warm you could spend hours looking up into the unknown, beauty of space.

I know I'm not the only one that loves to star-gaze? Do you?

*The watercolour paintings are my own. I would also like a telescope for Christmas*

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