Saturday, 20 May 2017

The Vampire Diaries. Where Have You Been All My Life?

If you know me well enough and clearly now even if you don't you'll know that every now and then I like to indulge in a little movie marathon under the name The Twilight Saga, I know, I know it's sappy and I HATE I ABSOLUTELY HATE that they sparkle, that really makes me mad lol, especially as some of my ideas and pictures of vampires should look like the type from The Lost Boys and From Dusk Til Dawn. I don't even know why I even like Twilight, but then again they do say vampires have the ability to draw you in but I can safely say it wasn't Edwards eyebrows.

Now when it comes to TV vampires there has only been one that I've really loved. Being Human and those flying decapitated heads of vampires in the Supernatural episodes, so when my mum told me to try the Vampire Diaries I was hesitant, I could not handle another Twilight high school love triangle full of glittery blood suckers but I'm glad to have been able to prove myself wrong because it wasn't and one big giant YIPPEE those mother blood suckers burn in the sun, WOOHOO! YES!

I was hooked from the first episode and seeing that Netflix has seven seasons for me, it's made me extremely happy, I love Stefan although his little human blood lust thing was weird, and does he ever give anyone else a slight Justin Bieber vibe? Just me? Then there is Damon who in the beginning creeped me out big time, I'll admit I didn't like him in the beginning but he is growing on me annoyingly and I'm starting to trust him but I feel like he is going to make me regret it. haha!

Katherine seems like a right bitch. I love Elena's character and Bonnie is such a lovable character, when her grams died I needed buckets to collect my tears. I'm at this very moment watching the end of the Season One finale and it's been a roller coaster of a journey. Damon has sneaked his way on to Elenas mouth and I'm not entirely happ............OH SHIT you know I said I was watching the final episode well HOLY SHIT Katherine is BACK and she just killed Uncle John and Netflix has asked me the most silliest question 'Continue Watching' like hell yes I do.

Now I'm writing this LIVE right now and it all makes sense I knew Elena wouldn't kiss Damon, anyways I am currently in the progress of writing a few future blog posts to get back into it, I have got a little lost and wandered off the path I wanted to be on when I created this blog, but things are going well even though I've got this nasty bug/cold which has knocked me completely out but it's given me some time to figure stuff out.

I've come away from Twitter and Blogger for a while and have missed a bit, so please, hey guys what's every one been up to? Have I missed anything? X

Saturday, 6 May 2017

This Time Last Year!

I was pregnant but not just pregnant, this time last year my waters broke. They just broke and it was the most strangest feeling in the world, I couldn't stop it and I was standing in front of my mother-in-law saying those exact words 'I can't stop it' our second baby girl was on her way and I hadn't even really registered how painful it was going to be.

So let's go back the 6th of May, it was exactly 5 days from my due date and I was getting our home ready for our new baby, my mum was travelling on the 9th to stay with us so I was unnecessarily rushing myself for things that could've waited (but tell a pregnant woman not to do something and she'll do it anyway). The couple of weeks leading up to this day Nick and I had been re-arranging our flat, put some carpet down and all that jazz and for Mia while I was doing the little work I could manage I put on Gnomeo and Juliet which she fell in love with.

Nick had sat with her and watched it but for some reason I hadn't been able to actually just sit and watch the whole film, until the 6th of May I decided to watch it for the first time, I was tired, Mia wanted mummy cuddles so we sat and watched the film and it was amazing, I loved. I stood as the credit rolled and my water broke.

It was like Robyn was waiting for me to watch Gnomeo and Juliet fully before coming, it felt so strange. I'd been putting off watching this movie and the moment I do, I go into labour.

Long story short, I managed to eat a Big Mac in between contractions because I was starving, I amused Nick a lot that ride to the hospital. Haha. We were at the hospital for a few hours then got sent home, we manage a few hours sleep before we had to go back to the hospital and I was given a room and a pretty HUGE tank of gas which I was pretty high off from 3 in the morning to around 2ish that day.

Robyn Rose Long was born 7th May 2017, 12:07pm and she was perfect.

My family now contained Nick, Mia, Robyn and I, it was complete and I couldn't feel anymore love than I did that day. You see after Mia we knew straight away that we wanted to have another but once Robyn was born we knew it was right, we were complete there was going to be no more bubu's coming out of my who-ha!

After Robyn was born I had no idea I would be catapulted into this weightloss journey that I didn't even know I was ready for. This year has been a roller-coaster of ups and downs, spirals and nose dives, I haven't got the foggiest how I've managed to not break but I haven't. I have my goal and my motivations to get there. 

I have a beautiful family who I love with every inch of me, this time last year I became a mummy for the second time but I also gained control back of my body. I gained confidence that I lost years ago and my whole mentality changed, and what I've learned over this past year can never be bought, replaced and sold for the second time (haha) also that ANYTHING is POSSIBLE. X