Tuesday, 21 February 2017

My Revenge Body - (a little weightloss journey post)

Now if anyone has seen Khloe Kardashians Revenge Body on E! you'll have seen people want revenge on their partners, their ex's, their mothers and fathers and even friends. I started this journey June 2016 and I had people like Khloe Kardashian to look to among others as inspiration, she was the bigger sister, she seemed to have settled with that fact until a major event happened and she wanted to make a great change for herself.

Now I don't care what your opinions are on the Kardashians but the only one I 'keep up on' is Khloe, I watch her workouts on Snapchat and she kills it every workout, she inspires people and she inspires me. Simple!

You see I was the bigger sister, if you want a mental picture of what me and my sister looks like just look at Kourtney and Khloe standing next to each other. I was always putting myself down because I wasn't like her, I hated that I couldn't wear the small, cute, petite clothes she could, I hated that at 14 I was wearing big mummy bras with a 3 inch straps and she was wearing little bras with a half a centimetre strap. I didn't hate her, I hated myself. I was big, I was fat and I wasn't going to be anything else, and it always bothered me. I don't think it was until I went to college that I started to accept that this was my body, it wasn't going to change so I had to accept it. I then got in my first relationship ever with Nick and I got myself happy (yayay) and I got 2 stone heavier, I didn't mind though because I was active enough that it wasn't a problem and I'm 5 8" so it was spread around evenly.

I got pregnant in 2013 and it was amazing, we couldn't wait to expand our family by one, but in 9 months my weight gained by 6 stone, although I was happy in my relationship, my home and where I was in my life, I wasn't happy with who I was and what I looked like but guess what I did, something I've been doing for years, I accepted that I was big, this was me now so what if I was miserable and depressed nothing was going to change. In Mia's first year I had naturally lost 2 stone in weight which I never took notice off because I was too busy being a mum. It was on Mia's 1st birthday that we announced we were pregnant again. Again we were overjoyed that our family was again expanding and Mia was going to have a little baby sister.

During that pregnancy I gained a stone and a half which never bothered me, was I still annoyed I was big? Yes. But there was nothing I could do, because I was big, this was who I was, I was constantly taunting myself, bullying myself just because I was big and I'd settled with that fact. But something happened about a month after Robyn was born. I snapped it was June 2016 and it was like that part in my head that was always saying,
"You're fat, you're always going to be fat, this is who you are,"
That part in my mind finally pushed it's last button and the accepting, timid, beaten and weak side of me flipped. I began telling myself, 
"I wasn't fat, far was something I had, I wasn't always going to be fat because I was going to eat healthier and workout regularly, and this wasn't who I was going to be."

That's when my weightloss journey began just to prove what I was telling myself, I had enough of being just big, I deserved to get my body to a point where I'm happy to accept it, not accepting it just because I'd never tried to change. I kept telling myself I couldn't, but I could and I can do anything I wanted, and that's what I'm doing, so you could say my revenge is on me, it's to that part of me that never let me be happy, my revenge will be on myself for letting myself believe I didn't deserve to be happy in my own skin.

I'm so close to my 4 stone weightloss mark and I'm feeling so strong, my muscle gain feels amazing and now I don't feel the remaining fat on my body that I know is there, all I feel it muscle and half the time they're sore. it's like that fat I have left really isn't a part of me anymore and it's fitting because the words me and fat are no longer associated with each other any more.

So I would like to list a few things that I have learned on this journey:

Be Patient

Now I'm writing this as the most impatient person ever, so a lot of will power and determination is thrown in there also. It doesn't get easier but you get stronger and the progress and the results you start to see make it all worth it.

Find People Who Have Been On The Same Journey

On Instagram there are hundreds, literally hundreds of people on there who started their journey just like I did and all they did was eat healthy and exercise, fill your brain with real success stories. Get your motivation from real people, not photoshopped celebs in magazines.

Ditch Celebrity Workout Plans

They are SHITE, they just want your money.

Learn To Love YouTube For It's Workouts

Who knew watching youtube could make me sweaty and out of breathe, YES. There are tonnes of workout videos on youtube you can follow in the comfort of your own home. I LOVE them, they are what I do, and I wouldn't want to do any other workouts.

Learn About Your Food

Seriously I can not stress this enough. don't take notice of newspapers when they tell you coconut oil can give you cancer when there is proven research that tells you it prevents it among other life threatening illnesses. Do your research people, learn about what foods are good and what they do for your body.

Believe In Yourself

Because anything is possible, 'possible' it self is in the word 'impossible' anyways, it's really a self contradicting word. but seriously if you believe you can do it and stick to an easy plan with realistic goals you can do it, why? I may hear you ask, well I'm doing it!

Peace and Love. X

Monday, 20 February 2017

It's 00:12am and this may be the hardest thing I'll ever write....

.........many of you know that I am on a weightloss journey, one I've been on now since June 2016, now I've wrote about my progress which is never ending and I've wrote about how physically trying this journey has been but I've not yet wrote about how mentally trying this journey is and I wasn't planning to, but I feel like I need to, I feel like I need to be honest and open up a little and I'll get to why but first I need you all to understand that when it comes to my mental health, I keep that very much to myself and a select few of my nearest and dearest, literally it's in a tight bubble that has been welded shut for a long time, but now I feel like I can bust open that bubble and let the world in a little bit.

Have you ever heard the saying 'exercise is a anti-depressant' well guess what, it's true, I work-out 5-6 days of the week, leaving me with 1-2 days rest days. On the days I work-out I feel fantastic, I feel strong, like my body can do anything I put it through, I feel good and that for me is major, physically and mentally I am at my peak after I've worked out. Now on my rest days I should just rest, right? I should feel good, right? because I'm letting my body recover from all the amazing work I've been doing in the week, but no. I seem to fall in darkness and self-loathing, you see I'm not upset with anyone but me, I wish on those days two things, one - I was someone else and two - that I could work-out because it makes me feel good, but I can't work-out every day of the week, and my downfall always happens at night once the girls are asleep and Nick and I are chilling doing our own thing and I am there left to my own brain, to my own thoughts and that becomes nasty and dangerous. Today was a rest day and as usual I was left in a bad place, thankfully I have Nick, who actually was the one that suggested I write this.

I've always struggled with my appearance and todays blog post will explain that more, I feel like the two posts will coincide with each other so I feel like this post needs to be written now. Don't get me wrong I love every thing about my life, the people in it, where I am, everything, I just haven't yet found that love for myself and some days I just don't feel like I deserve it, and instead of telling myself to shut the hell up, I let that take over until I'm mentally tired and worn down by my own negativity.

I don't know if this post will make sense to anyone but I felt like it was something I needed to write, at the beginning I did say I was going to tell you why, so bare with me this is harder to put in words than I imagined. On Instagram I track my weightloss journey with everything, the food I eat, the walks I go on, the sweaty post work-out selfies and I get overwhelmed with the amount of positive feedback I've received, amazing women telling me I'm their inspiration, and people who are on the same journey as I'm on telling me I'm the reason they decided to work-out today. Now I am absolutely uncontrollably, 110% grateful for everyone who writes me things like that but I feel like sometimes, I'm letting them down by not sharing what's really going on. I don't want to mislead people into thinking I've got my shizz together every day, because the sad truth is I haven't. I felt like I was lying to everyone and in that I was disappointing every single one of them and that just added onto the self-loathing, until now, having written this I hope those rest days I'm hating on myself will cease to exist because I have written this and opened up a little bit. I hope with this written I can keep on inspiring people, because the idea of me misleading anyone hurts me so much that the thought of it alone brings tears to my eyes.

This wasn't easy to write but I feel like because there is so much of me now online, including my post work-out sweat filled selfies (cringe) I needed to add this, but before I finish I want to say one more thing, those people that tell me I inspire them, thank you from the bottom of my heart, thank you. I feel like we are playing a giant game of ping pong and that little ball is inspiration going back and forth, because without you inspiring me, I wouldn't be able to do what I do, well I might be but I wouldn't be doing the best I can be without every one. I would like to think in this world that's filled with so much negativity that we are all standing together as one, as each others cheerleaders, as each others support pillars. This is who we are and we go along together picking each other up, pushing each other forward, never backing down.

I am so thankfully and grateful that I have found a community online that I am accepted in but I wouldn't have got this far without the support and encouragement from YOU!


Thursday, 16 February 2017

The Strong Female Characters We All Need To Play Sometimes In Real Life.

I've been really inspired lately by a whole bunch of women, both in my personal life and the life I have in front of the TV at night watching awesome movies, or sitting in the corner reading a great book, and those women are who I want to talk about right now, the women both fictional or real, the women who basically kick-ass. So get comfy for a list of strong-inspiring female characters in books & film that we should all try to channel at some point in our lives.

Elle Woods

Now for me Elle Woods reigns above anyone else. She goes and gets dumped by a total douche (excuse my french) because she is not serious enough, because she is not smart enough. How dare he? Anyways after seeing her ex's brother in the newspaper announcing his engagement to a some plank of wood she decides that the best way to win him back would be to get into Harvard and prove she is more than just her favourite pair of Jimmy Choos, and she gets in......woohoo! Go Elle! What I loved about this character in an environment where everyone is practically judging her, she is still herself, she never questions herself whilst she stands in a pool of different people. she struggles at first but then strives and even after seeing her ex douches new fiance she still doesn't back down, she keeps going, thriving when anyone else would expect her to waver and give up. SHE DOESN'T. She lands the internship gig and ends up replacing the lawyer who hired her, another douche by the way.
Elle Woods is one of those characters who sure could go about the rest of her life depending on her looks and wit but she chose to become more because she was more than all the material things, all she needed was that little push.

Katniss Everdeen

I'll agree with anyone who has only seen the movies, Katniss is a little annoying, seems a bit up her own butt, but then I read the books and you start to understand the Katniss on the big screen. We learn more about her in the books and that honestly is the only reason she has made the list. Let's start first of all she is supporting her sister and mother in a District where it's become common for people to just drop dead from starvation. She then volunteers to die to save her sister, she defies the Capitol and the President because she fell in love knowing that the repercussions would be deadly. She then stands up against the Capitol and becomes the face of a revolution to overturn the Capitol and to end The Hunger Games and she isn't even 18 yet. For a young women in that time and place she has a lot on her plate but she keeps doing the right thing, and by right thing I mean she doesn't let anyone tell her what to do, it's her way or no way. That's what I love about Katniss, yes she was young and that could have easily been used to control her but she knew who she was and she knew how to use her power as the Mockingjay and get what she wanted in the end.

Hermione Granger

So can we all just raise our arms and bow down to the queen that is Miss Granger. Without her Harry would be sod all, literally and I will prove it. With out Hermione they wouldn't have known how to have escaped the Devil's Snare to reach the Philosophers Stone, if Hermione wasn't petrified but killed by the Basilisk they wouldn't have known what was petrifying the students, without Hermione and her Time-Turner they wouldn't have been able to go back and save Sirius Black from the dementors, without Hermione Harry wouldn't have known the summoning charm, that helps him escape the cemetery, without Hermione Harry wouldn't have convinced Harry to check on Sirius who wasn't home but because of that Snape was able to warn the Order to help them at the Ministry, without Hermione Harry and Ron would not have been able to escape the Death Eaters that crashed Bill and Fleurs wedding, and finally without Hermione Harry would have been killed by Nagini that night in Godrics Hollow. SO YOU ARE WELCOME HARRY! 

Leigh Ann Tuohy

I fell in love with The Blind Side the moment I started watching it and what made it even better was that at the end you saw the real people the film was portraying because it was a true story and it made the watching experience 10 times better, but one character that really stood out to me and made me feel strong as a women and a mother was Leigh Ann. From your initial look yes she comes across as a small petite southern housewife, but under that is an incredibly strong women you don't want to mess with, we see Leigh Ann take in a boy who she doesn't know, someone who she knew would cause her friends to maybe question her. A mothers heart is truly a great and giant thing and what she did for him was incredible. We see her face danger by supporting him and standing by him when everyone told her she was being foolish, she took him in, gave him a home, helped him get an education which then resulted in an amazing future, one he wouldn't have had if she never stopped that car.

M'Lynn and Shelby Eatenton

I'm going to start this by saying if you haven't seen Steel Magnolias you NEED to go watch it now. The final female on my list is a mother, daughter pair. Now M'Lynn is mother to Shelby who is Type 1 Diabetic. Before her wedding we see Shelby fall into a hypoglycemic shook and with M'Lynn there she was able to recover quickly. A little while later Shelby announces that she is pregnant, M'Lynn isn't so overjoyed as it was believed Shelby couldn't have children but then it's revealed she shouldn't have children because of her diabetes and the fact that she could die in child birth because of it. Shelby has a healthy baby boy but after a year her kidney starts to fail and she starts dialysis, M'Lynn goes above and beyond by donating Shelby one of her kidneys and Shelby continues with life believing it was a success. Yet it wasn't Shelbys husband comes home to find her passed out and when they get to the hospital they learn her body is rejecting the kidney and she has fallen into a coma. Now as I write this my emotion is high because this film is truly heart wrenching but I want you to find out for yourself so I'll finished here and you can see why these to women belong on this list. 

Now all these women have been through trying times, have had to make hard sacrifices and gone through heartbreak but with everything they've been through they've come out strong, they went through with grace and dignity and most importantly throughout it all they never lost who they were, they all remained true to themselves.

Are there any strong female characters you love? Comment down below. X

Sunday, 12 February 2017

My Home in Cornwall. The Place I Live, The Place I Love.

I first came to Cornwall on holiday in 2008 at the age of 16, an awkward age for me really, I was stuck and a little lost and troubled at this age, I hadn't found myself. I remember even to this day standing on the platform in London Paddington Station feeling like a Hogwarts first year student ready and waiting to go to a place I'd never been before. 6 hours flew by with my portable DVD player watching Transformers and occasionally my head rose to glimpse out from my seat into the outside, the DVD player was closed instantly as my eyes for the first time saw St Michaels Mount, I knew then I was going to love this holiday, little did I know I was going to fall in love with the destination my train stopped at.

On my holidays here we went to the many beaches but the moments that are still fresh in my memory is experiencing watching a play at the Minack Theatre, an outdoor theatre where we watched amazing shows and not batting an eye lid to the fact that it was raining and you were sitting on stone chairs, alongside the show on these rainy afternoons we were able to witness a show only nature could provide. A little Essex girl sitting literally on the edge of the country (the bottom end) watching talented people perform but behind them, I sat watching the show above the Ocean, the black clouds dancing upon the sound of thunder and the flash of lightning, two shows in one. Something you couldn't imagine seeing. So there I was sitting on a cold chair, huddled under my hood listening to the rain on the waves, sitting on the edge of a beautiful place knowing where I was, was magic.

At the age of 16 I learned the true meaning of natural beauty with the beaches whose sands kissed the waves of the North Pacific Ocean. The beaches that when soaked in the high summer sun captured you in what by the sea truly means, the sand between your toes warm and nearly impossible to remove at the end of the day, but that doesn't matter does it? When your ankles feel that cool tide brush against your skin, refreshing in every possible way, unable to resist wading in for more.

After my first taste, I wanted more, I was sad to go home and for the first time in my life, I was missing something before I'd even left, and once I got home a hole had formed, I craved my next trip to Cornwall so when I made my first trip on my own for my 19th birthday, I had a whole new experience, Spring in Cornwall was the complete opposite to Summer in Cornwall, the weather is cooler, it's fresh, alive, refreshing and the daffodils, that from a distance it just look like a block of yellow, yet up close, when looking down at those Spring flowers, a beautiful yellow sitting on a field of green. I'd finally experienced Cornwall in the Spring, fresh and in the midst of rebirth from the cold Winter and all I can say is it was breath-taking. After 3 previous trips I still would get that butterfly feeling in my stomach as my train approaches my destination and passed St Michaels Mount, knowing I was there, my holidays to Cornwall never started at my final destination they started at Paddington Station usually around 10:17 in the morning.

That solo trip to Cornwall only confirmed one thing as I walked along the ocean, as I smiled at the locals and found a smile returned, this place that had always just been a destination, a holiday for a few weeks, had to be my home. 
It was 2012 when I last took a holiday to Cornwall, I'd found myself lost again at the age of 20, torn between who I wanted to be and where I wanted to be, to be who I truly am, and where I was I couldn't be both. So that last trip to Cornwall I took was to gain perspective, to confirm that this place was where I needed to be and it was. I came back home knowing only one thing, the next time I was to go there, I wasn't coming home.
2013 was my next holiday to Cornwall, I was turning 21 years old, on the brink of adulthood with no idea what it will entail. I stepped onto that train for the second to last time on the Tuesday (I had to go back home to get my stuff), and I turned 21 on the Wednesday, which was also the day I met Nick. 

(This photo was taken on my 21st birthday, the night Nick and I met, oh this is Nick ahaha!)

2013 was the year we made Cornwall my home and I couldn't of done it without the people I can now call my family. My love for Cornwall grew and grew and I was so happy to be finally where I wanted to be, I could walk along the beach without going on holiday and I was in the best relationship that was only getting stronger daily, our love grew even through those embarrassing first stages of our relationship. That love grew in 2014 when we welcomed our first daughter Mia to the world, everything was coming together, it might sound cliche but it was like it was meant to be. I was living in a place I loved, Nick and I had moved into our first home in the Summer where we were able to bring home our daughter in the September. The biggest thing for me was that we were able to have her born in Cornwall, so she could enjoy and love her home. 

This was my dream, to live the by the sea. I'd always felt a sense of peace between myself and the Ocean (sounds weird I know) I was comforted by the sea, the sound of the waves crashing against the cliff edge, or the soft rush over the sand comforted me. I was finally in a place I could see all my dreams becoming true and they were. 2016 was the year our family grew again, we welcomed our second daughter Robyn in May 2016, and nothing could taint the fullness my heart felt when I sat on our couch the night we bought her home and Nick, Mia and Robyn were all asleep and I just sat there, exhausted and a little sore but I was happy.

(Walking along the prom in Penzance, through Newlyn to Mousehole) 

(The Mousehole in Mousehole, they are pronounced differently)

How could I be unhappy with where I live when this is what I get to see in the summer, as the sun falls down onto the horizon as the day slowly ends. The sunlight kissing the ocean leaving glimmering ripples soothes me. I can sit and watch this all the time, it makes me wish sunsets lasted longer than they did.

I know this post was very photo heavy but I love where I live and I wanted to share with you my story that quickly became Nick and I's story that evolved into our story, and I'm proud to know we will get to witness Mia and Robyns stories grow as they do. 


Friday, 10 February 2017

Conspiracy Theories - My Top Five Favourites

One of my favourite things to do when it's late at night and I have nothing to do, is go onto Pinterest and type in those two words. Yep and I go that far that after a while I really do start to freak myself out. I start to question things like 'What kind of world are we living in?' and 'We already knew world governments were lying to us but man could they be REALLY lying to us?' That one might not of made sense but for me it did. Now due to the fact that I can type in Conspiracy Theory into google and spend a good couple of hours getting mind f**ked, I do have some favourites. 3 of these are government related and then the last two are concerning two films. So if you love Grease and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory then I wouldn't look, there's a possibility this will ruin it for you.

Nasa - Faking the Moon Landing

I want to believe this one happened but the evidence against this to be a conspiracy theory is insane, now there's many points leading to it's fakeness but there's two that go ahead to prove it was faked. 1.) The flag Buzz Aldrin planted into the surface on the moon moves in a way that would suggest there be oxygen on the moon and we all know there is no oxygen on the moon, so why is the flag floating? huh Nasa? The flag should have hung by the pole. It should not be floating up there. 2.) How the shadows are moving in different directions. Now there is one picture where the astronaut in the photo has a shadow created by Apollo 11 but what is causing the photographers shadow to appear in front of him when the shuttle is in front of him. This would suggest a different light source was behind the photographer and it wouldn't not of been the sun. Also another little one, seeing as there would not have been any light pollution on the moon why weren't there stars visible in the photographs. Mull over on that for a second.

The Illuminati and the New World Order.

Now do I believe that during one point in our history a group of people or secret society made up of the smartest minds in this world was real? YES. Do I believe that that same secret society now consists of Beyonce, Jay Z, Kanye West and Miley Cyrus? NO. It's beyond hilarious how far it's evolved into celebrities being branded an Illuminati member if they include a triangle in their music video. And to be honest if this was real and people were underground armed and ready to take us into a single world government (GOOGLE IT) then I would imagine it would become some kind of Hunger Games situation. Now according to google this secret society were believed to have used political shizz, mind control and fear based propaganda to achieve their goal. I mean that would explain why Keeping Up With The Kardashians is still on our TV. 

The Strange Connections between Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy.

Abraham Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1847. John F. Kennedy was elected to Congress in 1947. Weird. In 1861 Abraham Lincoln was elected President of the United States, and in 1961 John F. Kennedy was elected President of the United States. What? Both Presidents were shot on a Friday and both Presidents were shot in the head. It gets weirder! Both assassins John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald have names made up of 15 letters each, and both referred to by three names. This one is weird. Lincoln was shot in the theatre named Ford now Kennedy was shot in a 'Lincoln' continental four door convertible and the car was heading towards Henry Ford museum. WTF!?!? This one makes my top five because I have googled these facts and connections and they are true, too may to all be coincidences in my opinion. 

The Grease Theory

I must state here not the product but the movie. I actually love this one and I'm sorry if this breaks anyone but I'm just going to say it. Sandy, Sandy is dead. That's right that preppy Australian exchange student that falls in love with the all American boy died before the movie even began. Would you like an explanation. Why of course. You know in the song 'Summer Loving' when Danny sings 'saved her life, she nearly drowned,' well think about it what if she did drown? The theory goes that she did drown on that beach in the beginning and in her last moments of oxygen deprived comatose state, in those last moments she fantasies a too good to be true year of her life through school with Danny, so there we really have Danny desperately trying to resuscitate her on the beach but unfortunately it isn't meant to be and Sandy's last moment is seeing herself and Danny flying into Heaven, so really the whole film was a dying womans coma fantasy, it also explains why when Grease Lightening is flying up into the sky Sandy is the only one waving goodbye. You ARE welcome! 

The Willy Wonka Theory

Now tell me, if Augustus never got sucked up into that tube how would he have got on that boat through the tunnel, as there was clearly not two empty seats? Also only four people plus Wonka was able to ride the dry cleaning auto mobile, if he was planning to show them this, how did he know only four would be remaining? Hhhmm Wonka? How did he know he would lose those children? I know, I know. I believe and half of Pinterest believes to, Willy Wonka is a serial killer, who traps children in his factory and used them to make his candy. Yea sure that took a turn for the worst, but think about it, how did he know? He knew they wouldn't survive his factory, think about this for a second, each child that disappeared showed traits of each of the seven deadly sins. Gluttony, Envy, Lust, Sloth, Greed, Wrath and Pride, and we all know he was looking for only one child, one pure kind, un-evil child. Enter Charlie. Anyways come look at his face. *Whispers serial killer to the world*

Now I do apologise if the last two, specifically if I have upset anyone but they're pretty awesome and you're an adult now, and we all know the Rugrats were only a figment of Angelica's imagination.


Saturday, 4 February 2017

The West Wing - My Favourite Characters!

I'm not a political person, I choose not to talk/comment on politics because of one thing and I have no shame in saying this but the majority of it I don't understand. I understand the basics, I'm not stupid but I just don't talk about it because I know I'll be seen as one thing - Stupid. So as I began watching The West Wing I knew I would pick up a few things that would bring on a fuller understanding to what happens among government. (if that's even the right way to say it) but you see I still have a problem, how am I supposed to write a blog post about a political genre TV show, well I can because guess what, it's a television show with characters, so yes I'll be telling you my favourite The West Wing characters, so take a sit, have a sip of your chosen beverage and welcome to the White House.

 C.J. Cregg


First of all I need to start with CJ, yes a woman in the White House, now for some a woman in the White House means one thing 'The First Lady' but this show is full of great female roles including that of the first lady, but for me second to her you'll find CJ Cregg she is the White House Press Secretary. I wouldn't describe her as drop dead gorgeous women but she is a beautiful one, why? because is is strong, among a mountain of equally strong men in the White House she comes along stronger. She isn't afraid to come toe to toe with anyone, she stands up equal with everyone she works alongside and that finds her respected and a valued member of the West Wing. 

My favourite CJ moment has to be her rendition of the Jackal. Epic, one word, Epic!

Charlie Young

My second favourite character is Charlie Young, this came to a surprise to me as nearly the entire first season he came across very shy, quiet and hard working, after the first season he opens up a little and becomes more bold. Though the reason Charlie Young is one of my favourite characters is because of his bond with the president which turns very father-son relationship. Charlie is the presidents personal aide, now things got a bit rough at the end of season one because the president and Josh get shot, after they find out the target was Charlie because Charlie is black, oh and Charlie is dating Zoey the presidents daughter, which the shooters didn't like either.
There's a moment between POTUS and Charlie where the president is looking for a ceremonial (if you will) knife to carve the thanksgiving Turkey with, Charlie asks why doesn't he already have one, the president reveals he already does and it was the knife his father gave him, and his father to his before him. the president gives that knife to Charlie with the words 'I'm proud of you.'
Now you see Charlie could've quit after the shooting knowing the reason the president got shot was because he was black but he didn't and I think there is an important message there. 

The President of the United States

Josiah 'Jed' Bartlet, the President of the United States, a democrat who if not in a suit will be seen sporting his Notre Dame sweater, his as cut-throat as the show itself. He knows what he believes in and is confident to rise above and stand for his beliefs, he is bold and carries a kind of wit that has you chuckling after many of his dialogue. He never lets anyone tower over him unless it's his wife who knows how to bring him down a peg or two (oh and Plutonium is a mood killer) 
Now if I could imagine what a president would say, how he'd say it and in which nature he'd say it, this fictional president will be what my imagination would create.

President - 'I like your show, I like how you call homosexuality an abomination.'
Dr Jacobs - 'I don't say homosexuality is an abomination, Mr President, the Bible does.'
President - 'Yes, it does, Leviticus.'
Dr Jacobs - '18:22.'
President - 'Chapter and verse. I wanted to ask you a couple of questions while I had you here. I'm interested in selling my youngest daughter into slavery as sanctioned in Exodus 21:7. She's a Georgetown sophomore, speaks fluent Italian, always cleared the table when it was her turn. What would a good price be? While thinking about that, can I ask another? My chief of staff Leo McGarry insists on working on the Sabbath. Exodus 35:2 clearly says he should be put to death. Am I morally obligated to kill him myself, or is it okay to call the police? Does the whole town really have to be together to stone my brother John for planting different crops side by side? Can I burn my mother in a small family gathering for wearing garments made from two different threads? Think about those questions, would you? 

I'm only in the middle of Season Two so my favourite characters may change but by far this is my favourite thing said. Now if you are hesitant to start watching this show please don't, dive head first because it is awesome and I have Katie to thank for getting me hooked into The West Wing.