Hi all. Welcome to my blog. 

I'm Zoe (big wave)

Writing has been a passion of mine from a young age and I'm currently writing my first book, so I decided to start my blog again, mainly to help me fight that awful writers block I suffer a lot with, but to join a community with other bloggers/writers.

I am 24 years old, I have a fiance named Nick and two baby girls Mia (2) and Robyn (5 Months), we live together in Cornwall, a place I fell in love with when I was just 15. I knew from then I had to live here.

Other than writing I love to draw, which I do every now and then when I can find time between bottle feeds and nappy changes. I wouldn't change it for the world.

I love all things so you'll find I will write about anything, which I enjoy. I would say I'm leaning more toward the lifestyle blogger category but I have no style so it's just life. My life, my children's life, the life around me. 

Thank you for coming over to my little blog, in this gigantic blogging universe.

Much love. X

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  1. I followed your blog! Can't wait to read more from you Zoe :)

    Nikki |herdaringthoughts.blogspot.com