Thursday, 13 August 2015

First Week of Green Tea Complete....And I feel Good!

I have a gone one week and a couple of days without drinking milky, sugary tea and strong coffees. For this whole period of time I have only been drinking Lemon and Honey Green Tea and water, after reading many articles of many people who have credited Green Tea to losing weight, along with eating right and exercise. So along with my eating right and exercise I've added Green Tea to my day which I'm happy to do because:

I do feel more energised I don't feel groggy after and cup and my mouth doesn't feel all milky as there is no milk. 

I'm not relying solely on Green Tea to help me because I know it will take a lot of hard work alongside of it to lose my goal weight but it's something I've changed in my lifestyle to help and if it's helped many others than I believe it might just help me.

I've no interest in following other diet plans that seem to rule lives, not because I don't believe in them, it's simply I don't have the time to follow them and I have no problem in believing that if you eat the right foods and exercise daily there should be no reason, you shouldn't become healthier and lose weight if that's your goal.

So for me, I will continue to drink this lovely tasting (slight sarcasm) Green Tea and explore all the different flavours and whilst doing that looking after myself inside and out because that is all we can do for ourselves.

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