Saturday, 27 August 2016

Guess Who's Back? Back Again. Shady's Back. NOPE it's just Zoe!

Wow, my last blog post was the 13th August 2015 and since then a whole lot has happened

In order:
  1.  I got pregnant and had another baby.
  2.  I got engaged.
There's been other events but those two maybe the most important and relevant ones to mention. So yes Nick and I found out in the September that I was pregnant for the second time and we were extremely happy and excited we had been hoping to get pregnant around that time to have another bubba, so it wasn't an unexpected surprise but a very welcomed one.

Mia who will be 2 in 15 days is happy to be big sister not at first as we had many tantrums and one incident that saw my phone screen smashed against the kitchen floor. Now she loves her and funnily enough I think she's forgiving me for bringing home 'another one'. Nick has come away from this unscathed he can do no wrong in her eyes the little daddy's girl.

I gave birth to Robyn Rose Long in the 7th of May 2016. My waters broke on the Friday morning after convincing myself to final just sit down and watch Gnome and Juliet. (long story) Robyn arrived 7 minutes past 12 Saturday lunchtime. Labour was shit. That's all I have to say about that but it is all worth it when a little human you have made with the person you love is placed upon you and all that pain disappears, well only because you have become numb and have lost feeling in both butt cheeks.

It has been a year exactly since I lasted posted and I've been telling myself to get back on the blog wagon for months, I never gave myself time to write but now I'm in a better place personally and I have realised I can do everything during the day if I wanted to so that's what I'm doing. As there is 24 hours in a day so there's really no excuses for me now.

So yes I have got a lot more on my plate then before but I've got a pretty good routine now so I will definitely be more regular on here because it really did help last time.


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