Thursday, 1 September 2016

Into September We Go!

'I only drink hot chocolate in months with an R in them.' - Dr. Sheldon Cooper

September the start of days becoming shorter, days get darker earlier, the jumpers and sweaters get pulled out of last years winter wardrobe and snuggling becomes appropriate and doesn't end in the two of you peeling yourselves off each other due to the heat.

The 'ber' months are finally upon us, Halloween, Fireworks, Christmas and New Years all occasions you never get too old for. Yes it will get cold and there might be a chance of snow but it's the months leading up to fresh starts and new beginnings, it's a season I'm always excited for and now I'm a mum I'm excited to see our girls get excited in years to come.

Back to September, our Mia will be 2 on the 10th it feels so strange to say we have a two year old when it feels like yesterday she was being placed on my chest by the midwife. She is just a blessing who struts around the flat like she owns it. On the 7th Robyn will be 4 months old and it's the same where is the time going, she's laughing sitting up and talking back to us in her little language no-one understands. 

Then on the 12th we are going on our first family holiday abroad for two weeks, I'm so excited as it's my first holiday out of the country. When we get back September will be nearly over and we'd be entering another.

There'll be acorns and golden leafs fallen at your feet, earlier sunsets our days becoming shorter, jumpers, gloves and scarfs at the ready...get set...September.

Are these months your favourite if so what do you look forward to?

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