Saturday, 29 October 2016

Welcome to Helleville - Let's Play a Game - Part 3

Hector loomed over a scared and cold Jennifer who had been locked up in the clock tower. She knew going to Officer Valentines would get her caught but she didn't expect this kind of treatment, he obviously knew there was a way out of this town and he clearly knew how, it felt like she was being tested. Since the night before Jennifer has held her breath a total of 24 times. She was cold, wet and her whole body shook, if she wasn't dead already this certainly would finish the job.

"You knew Miss Jennifer that no-one leaves here, yet you insist on finding a way out and consequently you have found away, I don't like that one bit Jennifer. I thought you would be smarter than that especially after seeing how Officer Valentine is living now,"

Jennifer wanted to speak, needing to tell him he wasn't going to win and break her but with how cold she felt at that moment already broken, in that second she couldn't help but think he had won.

"So now you have nothing to say, you've been so adamant in living and expressing that so vocally, it's strange now that you can not speak,"

He placed his hand on her back forcefully and heat raged through her body, clearing the cold that consumed her. She gasped as her breathe was caught, warmth filled her body as she crashed to the floor unable to stand from the shock in temperature change.

"You can thank me, when you catch your breathe,"

Along with the heat, anger rose up through her, she was angry and wanted nothing more than to destroy Hector, but how do you take out a man who is already dead. She wasn't going to thank him either, that would be the last thing she'd do.

"Come now Jennifer, why would you want to leave this place?"

"Who would want to stay?" Those words spilled with ease lined with her hatred towards him, "I know what you started to do, taking living people on the brink of death, those who could be saved but no you took them for your own amusement,"

"Yes, yes I did and it has been fun but now because of you I doubt it will last unless I succeed and win,"

"Win what?"

"This game I play, this game I will play against you, I knew the not so dead quite yet would try to leave as their bodies are still attached to their living half and they'd want to leave, so I gave them a chance to and no-one got close until Officer Valentine so I stopped the game and to be honest wasn't that interested in playing it anymore but with you I think, I can play one more game,"

The rooms door swung open with a snap of his fingers, Jennifer looked through knowing walking out couldn't be that easy.

"I will give you 3 days Jennifer, 3 whole days to try and escape, if you succeed I will willingly see you go but that won't happen, but if you fail you will be bound to this town for eternity,"

Accepting this challenge she stood in the doorway, she wanted to run her mind was telling her to but her feet were glued to the cold wet concrete, she could feel Hectors eyes fixed on to her and when he started to laugh she turned back to him, confused by his sudden burst of hilarity.

"What's funny?"

"You haven't figured it out yet, have you?" His voice was sinister.

"Figured out what?"

"How you keep having those headaches,"

"I don't understand, I haven't got a headache right now,"

Standing nose to nose this time, he grinned with an evil look in his eyes, " Exactly, remember Jennifer I am every where,"

Before she could confront him she was standing at the steps of the staircase of the house she woke up in, he had transported her back here where she began this experience she still wished was a dream. She knew he knew of everything that was happening in the town but that didn't explain the headaches, that was until she was brought to her knees by a searing pain through her head. Holding her head between her hands she screamed through the ache until it settled to the soft pound she was more prone to.

Those words 'I'm everywhere' rang in her head, repeating themselves over and over again until it dawned on her after one followed with a chuckle. Holding her head once again in her hands she realised and it made her feel ill. She felt sick, violated. He was in her mind, the laughter got louder and the pounding got heavier, through the laughter and pounding she was torn, already bound to this town. Already stuck how was she supposed to leave.

He was every where.

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  1. I liked it, good story it got the imagination working xx