Saturday, 8 August 2015

Bake! Bake! Bake!

Baking is one of only a few activities that take me back to my childhood.

-When I am adding each ingredients, I remember how I was aloud to crack the egg even though most of it got on the counter.
-When I use a wooden spoon to mix it all together, I remember how excited I would be to lick the spoon once my mum got all the mixture into cake cases.
-When I pull out the tray with great smelling chocolate chip muffins from the oven, I remember how proud I would be because I helped.

Now I do them by myself. Mia is still a little young to be helping me in the kitchen yet but when she's old enough I would want her to get excited like I did. I would want her to help me like I used to love helping my mum.

I have two brothers, one older and one younger and an elder sister. Whenever we were all in the house and my mum decided to make cakes and battle began before the cakes even made it to the oven. The battle of the bowl, spoon, and two whisks.

Now everyone knows that the bowl outranks all of the other equipment used to make cake, so out of four sibling, 3 were to be disappointed, 1 of us was very happy.

My speciality is Chocolate Chip Muffins, or muffins in general. I can not bake a big cake, I can do breads and pastries but when it comes to cakes I like to stick to the smaller sized ones.

Here are the muffins I baked today

What activities do you do today, that take you back to your childhood?

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