Friday, 7 August 2015

Up In The Sky!

When I was younger I would spend my summer days laying in my garden and watching the sky above me. That sounds normal right? But it wasn't, in my hands I had a notebook and pencil. I used to count aeroplanes tallying them up, living outside of the city meant I had a lot of planes to count.

From your window it's just a piece of sky, standing outside looking up it's a vast canvas full of ongoing changes!

Some may see the sky as just a blue coating of a world we inhabit but there is so much more.

Planes Soar.
Clouds Float.
Birds Fly.

Imagination runs wild up in the sky. Children and adults a like look up at clouds and see shapes, they see the lion standing proud, the castle home to Kings and Queens. The sky is a place to dream, where dreams come true.

I love the sky at all stages during the day. The first light when the sun is rising from behind the trees and the sky is part blue with a hint of red/orange along the horizon, then as the day passes it becomes all blue and you see the whitest of clouds float by. Then the sun starts to set and the colours in the sky become so beautiful every time I see a sunset (I've seen many) it always takes my breathe away.

The night sky. When a velvet sheet of darkness falls over the Earth. That's may favourite time of the day. I love to sit out and look up at a blue sky but I could watch a moonless night filled with billions of stars.

I live on the coast so there isn't a lot of light pollution so I get to see a lot and it amazed me every time. If we didn't have to sleep during the night I wouldn't waste a minute of time doing anything else but look up and watch, sit in peace and just watch.

Whenever I am feeling a bit down and I feel there's no point and there's nothing else, all I have to do is look up and every thing floats away. All my doubts that there is nothing else is gone because whether you believe there is something out there or not. To me there can't be all that space for no reason.

Up In The Sky 

I look to dream,
I look to escape,
I look to find peace,
Up there so high,
Up in the sky.

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