Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Just Zoe!

I have written in notebooks, journals, diaries and now my favourite Moleskines, from the moment I hit the age my emotions went bat crap crazy (puberty). I held a lot of emotions and feelings in when I was younger so it was easier to express myself to blank pages than to an actual person.

So now I've decided to join the blogging band wagon but I don’t want this to just be about me venting about my issues, I feel I've done that for too long.

I'm an artist and an aspiring writer, I'm a mother to a beautiful baby girl Mia and I'm finally in life where I want to be with the people I want to be with. So that’s what I feel I should blog about, my likes and interests. My hopes and dreams. My sketches and photographs. Sure there will be a few issues that will arise but I don’t think they’d be anything worse than the compulsion to blow raspberries at every adult now due to that being the only line of communication I have right now with my eleven month old daughter.

For me this blog isn't necessarily for thousands to read but more importantly for me to express myself, for me get out of my own head and to share. Because sharing is fun!!

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