Tuesday, 30 August 2016

My Weight-loss Journey!

Around 5 weeks after the birth of Robyn I decided I needed to take back my life, not let it be controlled by junk food and all over negativity about my self confident so Nick and I scrapped all junk/processed food from the cupboards and fridge freezer to start a fresh. I started to plan our meals for the week ahead so we knew what we'd have to buy when we went shopping that also allowed us to only buy what we needed.

Our shopping basket now always looks something like this, so many healthy choices, everything we needed.

We have been doing this now for roughly 8/9 weeks eating this way, cooking fresh homemade yummy healthy meals that all aid in weight loss and along with workouts and walking long distances it has helps, since the birth of Robyn I have lost 3 stone and 2 pounds. But it has not been pretty. The sweat the actual tears yes sometimes you have to push and push until you can't go any further and you do that because you know that weight will not shift itself.


I have had set backs and injuries and even had a week where I've gained instead of lost but I haven't given up and that's the most important thing ever for me not to give up. Not to quit when in the big picture I have come so far and already lost more weight that I'd thought I would. When I started I didn't imagine I would be this far so at this point giving up in not even an option.

I never want to be at that place again where I was always miserable and depressed, where I was actually telling people and myself that I hated myself and I hated my body, I never want my daughter to see me like that ever. I want to be a positive role model for our girls who will look up to me one day and I want them to see a strong confident woman they're proud to call their mother.

'I can I will I must'

I am still quite far away from my goal weight but it's there I see it on this journey I am on, it's there so I know I can do it. I am not short on inspiration and motivation so I believe I can do this for me and my family. For my future self to be happier and healthier.

What major changes did you make if you are on a similar journey?


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