Saturday, 3 September 2016

7 Reasons I love swimming and you should to.

  1. You will never feel lighter.
  2. Your only opponent is you.
  3. If you're a scardy cat like me and the walk from the locker to the pool are the worst 10 secs of your life ever, get over it. No-ones looking.
  4. Once you're in the pool all that worry and fear is washed away.
  5. It works literally every muscle you have, if you don't feel it when you step out the pool you will in the morning. My abs don't like me very much right now.
  6. No matter how many people are in the pool, it's just you in your lane with the water.
  7. I feel physically and mentally good after.
Where I'm originally from isn't surrounded my water like my home now is but as a child I was always able to swim it was encouraged which I'm incredibly thankful for. We had the leisure centre which was also where we swam in school and where you would get a pot noodle from after your swim. 

In the summer on lovely warm days our mum always had us at the beach, so I had developed a love for the water from a young age. I do love swimming in the sea and as a kid it was everything now I'm older it's just cold.

Exercise wise I feel more confident doing laps in a pool full of people than running with no-one around. 

'I can't fly, but swimming is the next best thing....the water is my sky.' - Unknown

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