Thursday, 29 September 2016

Our French Adventure (Part 2)

St Hilarie - Market Day

On the Wednesday Nick and I went to St Hilarie market that is there every week between 10-12. It was fun, I'd wished I'd taken more pictures of the market but I was just taking it all in, the colours, the language the smells of the fresh food, we stopped and had a Galette-Saucisse which was O.M.Goodness amazing, I would've happily ate five. It was a good job really we didn't bring Mia because at the market they also sold chickens, geese, cockerels and rabbits and if we'd brought her along we would have been bringing home a bunny for sure.

St Sever

On the last Thursday I saw nature at it's finest but first I want to talk about this lake, we went to St Sever which was a beautiful lake that we walked around, the reflection of the woods surrounding the lake sat on the water perfectly, I could've taken a thousand photos. We had our lunch in the camper just watching the lake, seeing carp jump from the water. You could sit here and imagine what it will all look like in Autumn colours, the reds, yellows and browns and the reflection they'd make on the water. Perfection.

After our walk around the lake I decided to go off by myself uphill into some woods to get some photos and do some sketches which I did then that act of nature occurred like the rising moon literally. A chap from a group that also stopped for lunch here was getting up bare bottomed from doing his business, I bolted back round and moved back up this hill so fast hoping he never saw me. Luckily I did get some nice pictures and sketches.

As I walked down I knew this would never have happened to anyone else. 

On the Friday we went to St James to the American War Memorial but I want to give that a post of it's own so lastly I finish with out trip to St Malo.

Firstly I must state I discovered that my map reading skills are poop, after around 5 minutes of having to turn around and get on the correct road I got better and only better not good, just better. I'm rubbish at it, it's hilarious really well not when I'm getting us lost.

St Malo

So St Malo, Nick told me it was a huge castle and I was to see this huge castle when we got there, we were driving alongside of it when Nick tells me we're here but I'm not seeing this gigantic castle I was promised until it clicked and I'm looking at this castle wall in front of us, a castle wall that was holding inside a little town. Nick, Mia, Robyn and I walked around the side of the castle wall looking out to the sea where we saw what could only be described as a super yacht, it had a hole in the back for a smaller boat to dock, like what?!?!

Walking through the town to shade from the sun I grabbed a few postcards as you do and we stopped for lunch, where we had a kebab with chips and let me tell you it's like no kebab in the world unless you've eaten this one. It wasn't greasy, it didn't make you feel gross after eating it, it was the best kebab we'd ever eaten.

Whilst out there we all built and cooked a BBQ, I believe my fire was bigger than everyone else. The heat stung my eyes.

To finish, our holiday away abroad as a family for the first time was great, the food was amazing, the wine was bloody 'ansome (there's the cornish seeping into my essex ways), the places we visited were beautiful and the time spent together much enjoyed and loved.

Mia and her partner in crime Millie.

We had a great time in France and I can't wait to do it again.


  1. you are such a funny writer, had me in stitches - I love it. xxx

  2. what can i say so proud of my lil sis, a wonderful writer and amazing photographer 😘