Sunday, 11 September 2016

We're Going to France.

"I'm leaving, on a jet plane, not really it's a boat."

As I write this I am in the process of ironing and packing our clothes for our holiday so if I make any grammar mistakes the ironing did it and if I forget to pack my mans socks it's your fault.

Growing up we had holidays every year but in this country and it was always so exciting as a kid. You never had the stress of packing, your mum did that for you all you had to do was be dressed and ready to jump in the car, I remember that sick excited feeling you'd get that made you think you needed a pee but you didn't go even when your mum told you go before we leave, then half way there you wished you had gone. As you got older going on holiday in the same country it doesn't get that much exciting, your bigger so your car gets smaller, you now actually have to pack your own clothes it's not until you get to your destination does your holiday begin but going abroad for the first time in the 24 years you've been alive it's like all those feeling you felt as a child come back, the only difference is I have a better handle on my bladder than I did when I was 8. It's a new experience and I know Nicks been abroad before but I wish our girls were older to experience this feeling as well. I don't mind having to wait a few more years for that I'll know it will be worth it.

I think we booked the tickets 14 weeks ago and we were saying how quick that time was going to go, then all of a sudden Mia had her birthday and I'm here packing our suitcases. I've never been abroad before I don't like planes and I don't really like boats either (I did see Titanic) but out of the two I feel safer on a boat also I can swim. I don't have wings. Anyways slightly going off topic we are ready to go and as I write this with less than 24 hours to go we just want to be there already.

I will be away for two weeks so my presence on social media will be next to nothing but thanks to post scheduling I have made 6 blog posts that are really 'list posts' that are just a little bit fun. They will be posted both Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays. I know you're most probably thinking you're on holiday take a break but you see I've just started blogging again and if by chance there is someone who reads my post I don't want to make them think I've fell off the face of the earth because I will be social media free for two whole weeks and that is strangely exciting me, it's going to be so refreshing to have no internet. So yes I may miss two episodes of the Great British Bake Off but the way I see it I get to binge on two hours of GBBO when I get back.

I have a travel journal empty and ready to be filled with so much I will have tonnes to blog about when I get back. So I'll leave it now and say goodnight, posts will be up Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for anyone who would like to read them while I'm away. I really do appreciate every view I get.

See you all in two weeks. *SO EXCITED*

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