Saturday, 10 September 2016

Yes I have a problem. No I don't need it fixed. My notebook collection is growing. Oh my little big obsession.

It started at a young age and it started with spiral bound reporter pads and refill pads then something magical happens I got older and the notebooks ranged from different sizes other than A4. Pocket ones, thick ones, moleskine ones. Notebook heaven basically.

The covers were striped, metallic, floral and some with phrases and inspiring words. It was a world I couldn't afford but boy was I going to enjoy looking at it. When I am out and about and I find one available for purchase, I can guarantee it will be coming home with me. I love them you can never have enough. I carry one with me all the time and if I can't write in it I use the voice recorder no my phone and pretend I'm on the phone to someone. Notebooks are essential for me to stay create also you never know when inspiration will strike and you need to write it down because you will never remember it so with a notebook and pen in your bag you'll never forget anything again.

When I'm writing anything for my book I like to stick to the spiral bound reporter pads, there's just something about them that I don't mind scribbling on but when it comes to actually notebooks the ones that are so pretty you want to cry and never write in in case you ruin it and you can never tear a page out. So what do I put in them, yes I still have notebooks that have nothing in them at all but I'm a little bit of a perfectionist when it comes to writing I want everything to be perfect. If I mess up on the first page of a really nice notebook I might as well just throw the thing in the bin. Anyone else?

I have to think really hard in what to fill them with and I'm going to show you the ones I'm currently using and what I'm using or planning to use them for.

I found this one in Lidl whilst food shopping and shamelessly I slipped it in the trolley without Nick realising and he didn't notice until the till went 'BEEP' through the till and it became officially mine. I'm a bit of a collector, I keep everything like cinema tickets, amusements tokens, show tickets, train tickets, I like to have them to remember I did that. As this notebook is quite thick I thought it would be perfect to sort out all my tickets and tokens instead of the envelope that was falling apart I had them in.

I love this one, it was a Christmas present and it's homemade. I love it. My mother-in-law is a crafter and she made this. I love all things nautical so this is perfect and it has become perfect for all my favourite quotes and phrases which it is full off.

Now this one is empty and I think it will be for a long time. I got given this by a friend who I worked for when I was volunteering in a gallery whilst pregnant with Mia. I told her I was a writer and she just gave me this and I can not ruin it. It is so beautiful that when I decide what to put in it it will be something worthy of this notebook. 

This next notebook is one I'm excited to fill, I bought it specifically for my holiday to France next week, this will be my travel journal and I'm so ready to fill, I'm so excited. I got it off Amazon which was a job and a half because it took me half a day to go through all notebooks to pick the best one.

Notebooks for me have become essential, I need to carry one everywhere I go and I fill they are just the perfect item to get anything off your mind, whether you use them for private/personal use or as an productive way of life they are just perfect and there are so many to choose from. I want them all. 

Like Pokemon are like to Pokemon trainers, I got to catch them all. 

Oh nearly forgot I slipped off the don't buy anymore notebooks wagon yesterday and bought two notebooks that I just couldn't not buy.

The pages are neon PINK!

Do you have a growing collection of notebooks like me? Are you drawers and shelves filled with too many they're overflowing?

These are my favourite notebooks and why I love them? What about you?

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