Thursday, 8 September 2016

My Top 5 Disney/Pixar Moments that make me sad enough I might cry.

We all have come across that one moment in a movie that takes it too far and surprises us as a sad moment and it catches you out, a lump is formed in your throat and there are some chances of tears.

Now with two children I watch more than I normally would, that's a lie now I just have a worthy excuse to watch as many as I want and when those sad moments strike I find myself being ridiculed by my two year old on Saturday who doesn't understand yet so for now I'm the crazy one.

So here are my top 5 Disney/Pixar moments that get me grabbing the Klennex and a reality check.

Toy Story 3

Now I hope we all know the moment I'm talking about, the fire, the holding hands to face death by furnace they sit there united. Oh my goodness it was too much when I first watched this I actually believed that was how it would end I saw no claw in sight it is one of those moments that are shocking and upsetting to the point if they had melted in that furnace Pixar would have received a very angry worded letter by me. In that scene the one bit I liked about it is how the camera pans to only fit the original toys from the first movie. Woody, Buzz, Rex, Hamm, Mr & Mrs P and Slinky I liked that a lot.


This moment gets me upset just by thinking about it I believe it's something maybe everyone has felt sometime in their life. The scene is Judy and Nick in the sky tram and Nick is telling Judy how he learnt how to not let it show that others have got to him. There's a little flashback that shows baby Nick finally getting into Junior Ranger Scouts at his initiation he is ridiculed and attacked by the other animals and you see him muzzled by them. Now if this seen was silent, black and white and didn't happen I most likely wouldn't have cried but the moment he starts to cry and ask 'Why? What did I do?' Give me strength I just couldn't handle that. I hate bullies and that moment upset me more than it should have.


When John Smith leaves, I like the ending of this one because it's the first Disney film I believe to not have ended in them living happily ever after but still that moment he sails off and she starts running to see him one last time. That gets me, it gives me goosebumps it's a beautiful moment.


I'm not a big fan of this film, I'm only really ever there for Olaf but that moment where Ana right on the edge of becoming an ice cube she sacrifices herself to save her sister Elsa, when I first watched it I think I actually gasped and muttered a little 'no' but then again I was pregnant and with all those hormones I had no control of my emotions. It shocked me that scene and having a sister I felt something and I was sad because I realised I didn't love my sister enough, Hahaha I joke I loves her.

This last one was hard for me to chose as I had at least another 5 I could have added so after a lot of consideration my no. 1 saddest moment is.


We all know what moment this is. The montage of Ellie and Carls that depicts their life together I think is one of the most beautiful scene ever crafted in animation. It's wordless but full of emotion, it makes you feel things. It's a powerful scene full of happiness, love, death and sadness something Pixar does very well but this moment is for me the one without fail that gets that lump in my throat growing.

It will be interesting to know what moments reduce you to feel things, are any of them on my list or do you have your own?

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