Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Writers Block. How I break down that wall.

I can write for hours on end creating both good and bad material the words literally flow like a continuous river but then sometimes a wall it erected in front of me blocking all words known to man. I can't see them, I can't even think about what they are because they're invisible to me and when nothing is there I can't write. Not one word and it's frustrating as hell but I've learned a few ways that help me break down that wall and get back to writing so I'm not wasting my time staring at my keyboard.


I live on this site but I can easily go off course, I can be searching for blog post ideas and 10 minutes later I'm looking at DIY Christmas decorations, I couldn't tell you how it happens it just does. Pinterest has so much there to aid you out of a slump. Links to copious amounts of bloggers sharing their own tips on how they stay motivated and out of writers block.

Pinterest is really good for anything really from planning tonight's dinner, creating an epic children party to pinning together you dream wedding, there's some funny stuff on there to, tonnes of pins to distract, inspire, motivate and get you back on track. Pinterest is the best.


Right now I have Avenged Sevenfold blaring through my head phones, music clears my mind of everything. I can close my eyes and the music I'm listening to takes me away, I've escaped from the frustration of not being able to write so I get to start a fresh and it works. 9 times out of 10 I do end up listening for 5 hours and forget what I was doing before hand or I just fall asleep either way it helps me make a fresh start when I go to write again.

Read. Read. Read.

Whether it's a book I've already read or a piece of writing I wrote once upon a time, reading does this magical thing that causes your brain to want to write.

I've always loved to read, my mum had books in the house all the time so I was never short on reading material. My 1st book I ever read was The Adventures Huckleberry Finn when I was 10. And I like to read fast, the last great book I read was Dan Browns Inferno. I borrowed it from my mother-in-law who hadn't started it yet, she told me to take my time, I borrowed it on the Sunday I returned it on the Wednesday she was nothing less than shocked. It's a phenomenon I've only seen in one other, My mother. 

If all else fails.

If Pinterest, Music or Reading doesn't get the words flowing for you I have one last tip.....GET OUT! Literally just get out! Get out of the house, get out of your bedroom, go in your garden, go walk to the shops, to the park, beach or down a lane it doesn't matter, take a walk around Tesco just get out from in front of that computer screen. Get some air in your lungs, let those red blood cells clean out the dust up in your mind and look, look around you, at other people (not in a creepy way), watch cars, lay and watch the sky just fill yourself with the outside.

It works forget about the words, just stop looking for them when they're not there and trust me they'll find you. 

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