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Getting To Know Me - Q&A

I get it must be difficult for a reader to get to know a blogger by just reading there blog posts, you'd have to read all posts and connect little things just to figure out who they are on a more personal level. I understand the anonymity for some bloggers works for them, that's great but for those who want to get to know other bloggers and their readers a little bit better, I think doing one of these is a good thing, because I don't think I'm come across a blogger with an essay size 'About Me' page.

I have here compiled 19 question I will answer as honestly and personally as possible.

My Full Name

Zoe Belinda Michele Jackson


10th April 1992

Relationship Status

I am engaged to my man Nick. I am a fiance, it has a nice ring to it. HAHA! Get it.


I have two children. Two little girls, Mia is 2 years old and Robyn is 5 months old. They are amazing, it is becoming a pleasure watching them grow.

Do you have any Tattoos?

I only have three tattoos, I waited until I was 18 as my mum wanted me to be sure because I wanted a tattoo at 12. My first is of the word 'Fire' it is my element, I didn't want to get my d.o.b or star sign like everyone else seemed to have got, so I went for this. My second is of an old style microphone with script and the words 'I Walk The Line'. This is inspired by Johnny Cash and the biographical movie created Walk The Line in 2005. My third is of an anchor with a Rose behind it with words 'Strength & Courage' written. 
All my tattoos mean something to me, they are reminders that I am strong enough to do the things I want in life and that all I need is courage and the fire in my belly to walk any line put out in front of me.

How do you start your day?

I have two alarms and neither one is electronic. My first is Mia and my second is Robyn. Some mornings and only some do I not get woken by them because I've woken early early and I can't go back to sleep. Some mornings Mia wakes me which is nearly all mornings and every now and then Robyn will wake me. Once they are awake and have been fed and changed I feed myself. I start my day with a coffee and a yummy bowl of Granola with Greek Yogurt.

Do you collect anything?

Yes, everything not really but yes, I like to keep the things that were significant to me at the time. Cinema tickets during the period of time Nick and I were dating, train tickets, concert tickets, show tickets, tokens from amusements, hospital tags, umbilical cord clips (don't freak, they have been sterilised).
So yea, I like to keep little things from different points in my life that I want to remember. I did use to store them in an old envelope until I found the perfect journal to put them all in.

Hardest thing you've ever done?

Giving birth, like for real it was so hard. I've had to go through some tough things in life but nothing could have mental and physically prepared me for this. This thing I could only describe as hell. I wished and I prayed that I'd be one of those women that are left feeling empowered by it but nope, not me. Labour hurts, I did manage to do it with only gas and air but there's a point if you're not lucky when you think it's never going to end and then when it does you'll need stitches down there and won't be able to sit on your tush for a few weeks. Fun times.
The outcome of it all is beautiful, I wouldn't change them for the world but if the labour process would've been made a little easier for me I wouldn't be planning how to get my own back on them in later years. (Remember they are currently my alarm clocks)

   What is you favourite Ice Cream flavour?

Mint Chocolate Chip. There is no other, I'm not a lover of ice cream in general so I have to really be in the mood for it and if you're going to do it, do it right what the flavour you love.

Your best feature.

A few months ago I would tell you nothing, I hate myself and so forth but now because I've been on this self-love/weightloss journey I would have to say my eyes. I like them.

What hobbies do you have?

Apart from my obvious love for writing, I love to read. I also love to draw, I have been drawing nearly as long as I've been writing. I dabble a bit in watercolour painting I mostly paint the night sky because it's pretty.

My Education.

I went school like most. I then did 3 years of college studying Art & Design and Graphic Design which I loved. 

Your favourite TV show?

I have a list of TV shows I love to watch occasionally over and over again, but I do have a favourite one I have watched from the very beginning and one that's season opener will be on this month. I love Supernatural it is the greatest.

Your favourite top 5 songs.

If I could Dream - Elvis Presley
One Moment in Time - Whitney Houston
There You'll Be - Faith Evans
Firework - Katy Perry
Measure of a Man - Elton John

(Yes mum Elton John is in here)

What makes you happy?

My family, Nick, our two girls. Sunsets make me happy, exercise is up there with that and so is Pizza. Pizza makes me happy.

A quote you live by?

'Seize The Day' I love these 3 little words. It's simple it's straight to the point and you can not misinterpret it ever. 

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

I originally would say I'll take whatever Wolverine has, but then I'd have to live forever and I don't think I'd be able to watch all my family grow old and pass on, with me left behind. So I change it to invisibility, I would get away with so much and stalk so many celebrities. 

What Inspires you?

Life. Life inspires me, watching my children grow, watching the people around me live. I'm inspired by others doing well. My man inspires me. Everything inspires me to be better, to do better and to live to the fullest I can live.

Someone you've always wanted to meet?

Fictional - Sherlock Holmes
Real Life - Jennifer Aniston
Not Alive - Elvis Presley

So there it is, some of me. If anyone wants to know more or to do this themselves I would love to read them. Lets get to know each other.


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