Wednesday, 26 October 2016

This is Halloween. This is Halloween!

'Tis the season to be spooky. 

I've always imagined how great it would be spend Halloween in America, we see it in the movies, every house is decorated as if it was Christmas, the leafs have turned orange and they've fallen covering everything, I'm going on what I've seen in American movies but Halloween there just seems magical and I never thought I would use those two words in the same sentence.

When I was younger we went trick or treating, we dressed up and made Halloweenie treats. I remember making spooky cookies and even tried out these gross looking Hot Dogs 'fingers' that looked bad but tasted good. I remember coming home from school at the beginning of half term knowing Halloween was soon. Disney channel started putting on Halloween Town and the classics were being shown on TV. 

(one year I didn't dress up I just put my hair in a mohawk, took a photo and drew on it)

Moving on, now I'm not a big fan of gruesome scary movies, I like the thrillers full of suspense and the odd death. So I can't watch Saw or any of the other scary films one would watch on Halloween. I once walked in on my mum watching Saw and I couldn't sleep, I stayed up all night watching musicals, and once I watched the beginning of A Nightmare on Elm Street and 5 minutes in I had to turn it off and watch The Princess Diaries. It's a struggle but luckily I'm with a man who also is a big scaredy cat.

Here are my go to scary/spooky movies I love to watch this time of year.

Hocus Pocus

Now this film is number one. It's just the greatest Halloween movie ever. I love Bette Midler and I just love this film. 


Michael Keaton is Beetlejuice. I saw this movie when I was quite young and I loved it. It was my sisters DVD so I had to hide the fact I watched it but I fell for this movie so hard. I even went through a Lydia phase throughout school. Come on nothing that beat that dinner scene, it is hilarious.


Ooooh I just adore this film. Casper is one of those movies that are funny, a bit spooky but knows how to hit you in the feelings at the end. That scene at the end where Casper turns human and dances with Kat at her Halloween party, then realising it's the dude from Final Destination.

The Addams Family

I want to be Morticia Addams, she is just amazing. This movie is timeless, I could watch it any time of the year and be happy doing it. It doesn't need to be Halloween to watch this.

Now there's a few scary/spooky movies that I do watch around this time of year and only because I like to give myself a little fright once a year.


Aliens, Mel Gibson, Crop Circles and Joaquin Phoenix. What more do you want. This film really does get me every time and also knows how to give you a kick in the feelings as well.

The Bone Collector

This movie is a little gruesome but I loves it anyway, I can forgive a thriller if it has Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie in it. 


I think this movie is my favourite out of all thrillers. Halle Berry is incredible and there's a Robert Downey Jnr before Iron Man. There are moments where you sit there wondering WTF, then moments that make you jump out of your pants and into new ones because you made an accident. 

I've just realised these 3 movies all have a nice/happy ending which is most likely why I can watch them over and over again.

This picture is me age I don't remember but I do remember making that witches hat out of a huge box of Frosties, I'm clearly a nice witch I think, I hope. Although that bottom picture is me clearly putting a spell on someone.

Did you go Trick or Treating? Did you dress up for Halloween? What are your favourite spooky films to watch this time of year?

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