Thursday, 27 October 2016

Welcome to Helleville.

There is a town on Earth where nothing really happens but strange occurrences happen on a daily basis, no-one new moves into the town but new residences appear occasionally. This town isn't your average town at all, no-one sleeps, no-one eats, the time has stood still yet the clock still strikes 12, oh and no-one dies.

Why, I may hear you ask. Well everyone who resides in this town is already dead, this is where the dead go, the ones that don't fit anywhere else, a town among the living unknown to them and unseen to them. This town is a place where no-one comes and no-one goes but it's where everyone ends up.

Every now and then someone will arrive who isn't quite dead yet, it happens more times than the governor would like as it causes a divide with in the town among it's dead. Luckily no-one has left, with the governor making sure of it but some have come close, some really close. It only occurs when the persons living half is at the point where it can go either way and sometimes the pull back is strong enough to pluck you back from this town. That's something the governor will always try to prevent.

Unaware to the governor though was that a resident was to join his town and this resident wasn't only going to cause a divide but rip this town in two. No-one or nothing among the dead was prepared for this towns newest living arrival.

Jennifer arrived on a Wednesday, her eyes flickered open towards a ceiling she was familiar with, this bed she woke in was not her, the wallpaper was seriously outdated and would never go up on her walls. This wasn't her room and going on the red glow streaming in through the window she knew this wasn't anywhere she'd ever been.

Looking out onto the empty street, she looked out towards the clock tower. The entire sky was red and nothing beyond the town was visible, she felt sick but empty inside to actually perform the act.

"Where am I?"

She'd felt as though she'd been sleeping for years, refreshed but the banging in her head made her feel slightly disillusioned, was she dreaming? Had she been drugged? The pound in her head wasn't helped with the sudden knock on the door.

She moved effortlessly across the room and without hesitation made her way to the door, this motion happened so quickly she never really remembered stepping down the stairs. Standing in a strange house in an odd place she found it uncomfortably unsettling that she was willing to open the door to this stranger knocking.

Jennifer froze yet her hands rose up not to open the door but to place both palms against it, when she did a piece of the door disappeared revealing the stranger on the other side. She saw him as his back was facing her, his frame was tall and broad, his hair thick and brown, he looked important but nothing could've prepared her for what she saw when her eyes met his.

She pulled back but her hands remained, she was starring into his red eyes, his face was torn in two one side being perfect the other disfigured and burned, she was looking directly into him but he could not see her. He knocked again this time causing Jennifer to jump back, her mind raced and although her instinct was to go back into the room she woke in and hide, she knew he wasn't going to leave. Her hand shook as her fingers grasped the rounded gold handle, she turned it ever so slowly and pulled the door towards her.

"Well  hello dear, how are you on this fine morning?"

He spoke instantly, all she could muster with a stumble,

"I think I'm lost, can you tell me where I am?"

"Where you are is where you need to be, it's where you were meant to end up, come come let's have a look around,"

He stepped back onto the street and she followed automatically even with her brain telling her not to follow him. They stood there in the middle of the road a couple of feet away from each other.

"Please, I need to get home, I don't know how I got here but I need to get to back now!"

The once empty street suddenly started to stream with people, groups of them walking through the road behind this man standing in front of her now with his arms out stretched by his side. People were coming from their homes but something she wasn't expecting was that all these people were dead ones.

"I don't belong here, I need to get home. Where am I?"

Her voice rose, her anger was visible to all that stood in front of her, smiling, wide mouths grinning glaring at her. The man in front of her stepped a little closer to her bring his arms closer inwards towards her and with a smile spoke.

"My dear, welcome to Helleville, a retirement home for the dead shall we say."

Part Two will be up tomorrow 5:00 pm. Drop a comment if you liked, I would love to know what you all think?