Thursday, 3 November 2016

My Passions - 100 Things I Love

Now the 100 Things I Love part was inspired by a fellow bloggers post (found here) that I saw the other day and loved. It made me start to think about all the things I loved and seeing as I'm doing a 'My Passions' series throughout November I thought it would fit nicely if this little list came first.

I love lists and was excited to begin this so it's understandable that it really only took me all of the time I spent eating my breakfast this morning to complete this, so now as I type this up I'm deciphering incredibly bad spelling mistakes and complete vowel disappearances for this post to be readable.

100 Thing I Love

1. My man Nick
2. Our baby girls, Mia and Robyn
3. Watching Sunsets
4. Black and White Photography
5. Kind and caring people
6. Feeling sand between your toes
7. Writing
8. Swimming
9. Drawing
10. Hot Chocolate
11. Getting a high five from my 2 yr old
12. Hand wrote letters
13. Exercise (I know right, am I crazy)
14. Reading
15. Supernatural
16. 80's Fashion
17. The Ocean
18. My Journals
19. Dream Catchers
20. Strangers who become the best of friends
21. Books, Books, Books and Books
22. Ferrero Rocher and Toblerone (The King and Queen of Chocolate)
23. Dr Pepper
24. Sherlock Holmes
25. Coffee
26. Christmas time
27. Snow! Snow! Snow!
28. Pizza
29. Lana Del Rey
30. Fire (not in a Pyromaniac kinda way)
31. One Tree Hill
32. Superhero Movies
33. My Mum
34. Red Roses
35. The Beach
36. Avenged Sevenfold
37. Scrap-booking
38. The Colour Red
39. Confident people
40. Space. The Stars
41. F.R.I.E.N.D.S re-runs
42. Spinach (this is no joke)
43. Fresh flowers in Spring
44. The Backstreet Boys
45. Winter Socks
46. Chinese Take-away
47. Notebooks, Notepads and those spiral reporter pads
48. Criminal Minds and Modern Family
49. Aliens and all things Paranormal
50. My Tattoos
51. Rocky
52. All Things Disney
53. Stephen King Novels
54. Polar Bears
55. Motorbike  (Harley Davidsons to be exact. Sorry Nick)
56. Wall Paper samples (I just can't help myself)
57. Being kind to others
58. Julia Quinn books
59. Bagels
60. Playing Solitaire
61. Jack Daniels
62. Listening to Elvis Presley
63. My Onesie
64. People who are true to themselves
65. Burger King (but my diet forbids it)
66. How The Grinch Stole Christmas
67. Fireworks
68. Little Women - Louisa May Alcott
69. Purple
70. Wolverine
71. Peppermint Candy Canes
72. Over-sized jumpers
73. Apple Juice
74. Mulan
75. Going to the movies
76. Bruce Willis (don't judge me)
77. Going out driving
78. Combat Boots
79. Marmite on crumpets
80. Calligraphy
81. Salt 'n' Vinegar Pringles
82. The Big Bang Theory
83. Golden Nuggets Cereal
84. Musicals
85. Anything in Khaki
86. Inspirational people
87. Getting into your own bed after being away on holiday
88. Long Train Journeys
89. Melissa McCarthy
90. Family Time
91. Date night with Nick
92. Phoebe and Mikes wedding in F.R.I.E.N.D.S
93. Peanut M&M's
94. Katy Perry and Lady Gaga
95. Saying nice things to people
96. Tom Hanks movies
97. Water colour paintings
98. Conspiracy Theories
99. Moments that make me grateful for all I have in life
100. Loved - The moment my girls were placed on me after birth

That was fun. Making this list made me realise just how lucky I am with who I have in my life and where I live, I also may have realised I'm a little strange. I really recommend everyone doing this. I would love to read others.

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  1. We share some of the same loves especially supernatural, conspiracy theories and salt and vinegar pringles (i love anything salt and vinegar really)! Some of the things are sunny days, glitter and going to gigs.

    Aycan xx Little White Socks

    1. Salt and vinegar is the best flavour, especially salt and vinegar peanuts. They are the best :)

  2. Hey Zoe, thank you so much for the shout out, really appreciate it!!
    Have a great weekend with your lovely family 😉

    1. Hiya, that's alright :) Hope you have a great weekend also :)

  3. 33 ? should that have been number 3 lol xx

    1. Well I thought you deserved two 3's instead of one :D love you mum xx