Tuesday, 13 December 2016

12 Days of Blogmas - Day One - Favourite Things About Christmas

I love Christmas and I feel like I can confidently say I'm not alone in this. Christmas is such an amazing time of the year, to spend with friends and family. Making new memories and reminiscing old ones. Taking part in old traditions and making a few new ones. Oh Christmas you beautiful thing.

My Favourite Things about Christmas

This list really could go on forever, I could sit, stand, walk and talk to you about all my favourite things about this time of year but I won't. There is so much I enjoyed from when I was young to an adult to now as a parent, Christmas has changed for me through the years, some in good ways. So yes here is my list of favourite things about the most wonderful time of the year. (yes I sang that)

Watching Christmas Movies

I think this is a timeless tradition we all may share, but there is nothing better in the morning, afternoon or evening when it's cold and dark outside to cuddle on the sofa under your best blanket to watch that Christmas movie that you love or movies you can't help but watch all at once on the 1st of December.

Christmas Smells

Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Holly, Snow, Cold Air, Turkey and Stuffing, Oranges, Cranberries, Ginger bread cookies, Hot Chocolate, Shortbread cookies, Apple, Peppermint, the smell of the inside of a rose's tin of chocolate, Ritz crackers, KP salted peanuts, those are just some of the smells that just sing Christmas to me. I love how these smells fill our homes. I also love all the Christmas scent candles that come in such great scents.

Christmas Shopping

Now I know a lot of people dread the shopping side to Christmas, whether it's last minute or you have that one person on your list you can never find anything for. But I really enjoy it, well a part from that one time I had to go into town on Christmas Eve that wasn't fun for me. I love the rush and excitement, you start to wonder, will they like it? Or you come across the perfect gift you just know they'll love. 


Whether these decorations are indoors, outdoors, in shop windows, in shopping centres and covering little towns, Christmas decorations are fun, for me it really does start to feel like Christmas when you start to see all the decorations around, I love the feeling of bliss you get once you untangle your fairy lights and are weaving them between the branches of your Christmas tree, placing pretty ornaments and sparkly baubles to dangle freely. 

Screaming Along to Christmas Songs

Now this is one of my favourite things to do, in the car, at home, in my head around town. So whether you are good or bad at singing when a Christmas song comes on the radio you can't resist singing along, whether you're screaming 'It's Christmas' or you're standing with Band Aid belting out 'Do they know it's Christmas time' Other than decorations Christmas songs join them in getting you in the festive spirit.

Spending Time With Family

Christmas is that great time of year where you may be forced to spend time with those family members you only see at Christmas but when you spend this time of year with the ones that are always there, and you are celebrating together, eating, drinking and opening presents together it's amazing because you see those family members differently than any other time of the year. It's quite magical watching others opening their gifts or watch someone get surprised with an engagement ring in their cracker and believe they won the top cracker prize. Best Christmas moment ever!!

Wearing my Onesie

This I am more excited for than ever because for the last two year I have been too big to wear it but now it fits me again and it is the warmest thing ever. I love my onesie and can't wait to get it in after those long cold days.

Watching Our Daughters Get Excited about Christmas

Mia will be 2 this Christmas and Robyn will 7 months, Robyn will have no idea what will be happening but she'll know something is going on. Mia on the other hand will know a little more on the decoration and present side, she'd still a little too young to fully understand Santa Claus but she understands presents, and going on how she unwrapped her birthday presents, Christmas morning in our home will be like a horror film after the killers killed everyone. I just pray she won't want to take off all the decs like last year, that would be a dream come true. 

Christmas is the greatest time of year to enjoy the big and small things, to have fun and spend time with those you love.

Do we share some favourite things about Christmas? Is your favourite things not on this list, I'd love to hear you favourites.


  1. I think you've covered every possible reason to love Christmas and I love it! Had a little chuckle at the thought of Mia standing surveying her murder scene with all the wrapping paper everywhere. Can't wait to read your next post!! 😁

    Katie xx

    1. Yay I'm so happy you loved it. I've scheduled five posts already and set an alarm so I don't forget them.
      I think she'll be very proud of the mess she'd of created :) x

  2. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, couldn't help but sing along :-) I love Christmas and can't wait to spend with you all x love reading your blogs x

    1. Can't wait for you to spend Christmas with us too mum :) x

  3. very interesting reading lol, enjoying your post(pardon the pun), what will come next xxx

  4. I don't really enjoy the build up. The shopping is hell, I hate crowds. I don't like the pressure to spend money I don't have. Once it gets to Christmas Eve I can relax and get into the whole spirit.