Sunday, 18 December 2016

12 Days of Blogmas - Day Six - Flashback Christmas

There is something I seem to always do now at Christmas as an adult and that is looking back on past Christmases, looking back at Christmases as a child and it brings me so much joy I get a fuzzy feeling in my stomach and a smile spreads across my face. I remember we had a stocking each at the end of our beds that we were able to open when we woke, before stampeding down the stairs around the tree. We were made to eat cereal before opening out presents which was just mean, because everyone knows an excited child just can not comprehend anything else other than tearing through hoards of wrapping paper. We were also made to read the labels so we knew who got us that present, jeez how many more delays can a girl take?

Our mum used to distribute our gifts randomly under the tree every year so we were able to search, forage I'd say for the gifts with our names on and toss aside the one that didn't bare my name in the direction of whose it was, but this one Christmas my brother Toby decided to wake early and go down stairs and make us our own little present pile. That was the year I wanted a guitar but my mum said I might not be able to get one, so my hopes weren't high, I wasn't expecting one. Until we were marching down stairs slowly in hope they would forget breakfast existed and there it was, a guitar shaped present in festive wrapping with a tag made out of last years Christmas cards. I freaked.

Another year I needed the new Busted Live album and I knew I was getting it, I sneaked a peek a saw a CD shaped gift and my name was on it, so I knew what it was. I knew I was going to be rocking out to 3 AM and She Wants To Be Me the entire day and by Boxing Day I would know all words to the entire track list, but did that happen. NO!

Come Christmas morning no CD I was a little upset, I kept it in though and clearly depressed I commenced to walking around the house listening to their old album, singing out loud to Sleeping With The Light On and then about the 7th of January the next year because my mum liked to keep the tree and decorations up for my sisters birthday, my mum asked me, why was I listening to there old album?'. I was hurt, how can she be so cruel, rubbing it in like that. LOVE YOU MUM! I replied with a very snotty pre teen reply of 'Well does it look like I have their new album? No.' She looked confused so as she started to take down the tree one branch level at a time we found a CD shaped present sitting on the bottom level covered in branches. MY ALBUM IT WAS THERE, I WASN'T CRAZY, I KNEW IT. YES! I may have got enough excited to have cried a little, I don't remember.

Looking back on past Christmases is fun and something I hope our girls can do when they get older and even maybe one day share with their children.


  1. I love these posts, reminiscing about the past is so lovely especially at Christmas time! lovely photos x

  2. I love this post! It's so heart warming that you were so excited over your CD, most people these days expect much more expensive and over the top gifts. Have a lovely Christmas :)

  3. Ohh loved your stories, I remember the first year 1D got popular I really wanted the calendar and I was set on it, I opened all my presents and was a little disappointed that I didn't get it, I did a stroppy teen thing and said, guess I'll have to buy my own calendar ahahha and my mum and dad just looked at me... turns out it was left upstairs in the cupboard! Ahah I was so happy cox

  4. Yes you did cry lol. I remember that one well. I remember all past christmases with my children, wonderful memories i have, love the pictures xx