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Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life - I watched it and drank too much Coffee doing so. *SPOILERS*

As the voices of Lorelai, Luke, Rory, Emily, Richard, Michel, Sookie, Paris and Lane come through the darkness we are thrust into the past to remember all that we have watched and all we have loved about our beloved Gilmore Girls, then catapulted back to the present, 10 years on to view a year in the life.

Snow has fallen in Stars Hollow where we meet Lorelai sitting on the gazebo to be met by Rory and the fun begins. We are instantly reminded of all that we loved about the two. I would buy that snow globe by the way. Kirk is just as lovable and satisfyingly annoying than ever, and he has a little piggy, ah little Petal is the newest addition to Stars Hollow, that we know of yet. 

'I smell snow'

Lorelai calmly states and soon after snow starts to descend onto the town of Star Hollows as our favourite and ONLY town troubadour sings a tune.

Seeing Luke sent my happiness meter fly through the roof and thinking that Rory hasn't wore underwear the whole four seasons creeped me out. Someone through a girl some panties! We see a Rory that is vulnerable, unsure for once and a little unclear of herself, it's strange because it's a complete opposite to the Rory we said goodbye to 10 years ago.

Michel is just the same with an added addition of a husband and the possibility of children. I know they're fictional characters but finding out that our favourites are happy in their personal lives makes me happy. I'm looking for Sookie and I can't find her.

We are introduced again to the one and only Emily Gilmore, it's set 4 months after Richard Gilmores death, oh Richard. Edward Herrmann, I don't know whether anyone else remembers this but I first saw him play Teddy Roosevelt in Annie. (YouTube it) Back to the Gilmore house, we see a giant portrait painting of him, personally I like it even in Rorys words 'it's the whole wall.' We are privileged to glimpse back to that day two months prior to the funeral of Richard Gilmore, as we see Emily, Lorelai and Rory say goodbye.

Then 'Digger' comes in. RUDE! You tried to sue him. I curse you! Moving on, was anyone a bit taken back to Emily accepting a hug from Luke, then it happens like a wave crashing into the rocks on the shore, a classic Lorelai and Emily show down.

We follow Rory to London where is working on this book proposal with a crazy British woman, then Logan happens. I was genuinely disappointed to think that Rory and Logan was a thing again. We watch Luke and Lorelai look into surrogacy and watch Lukes Wi-Fi password change multiple times to only be revealed that it's a fake password during a Doosie meltdown. We got to rock out with Hep Alien. YES, Lane rocking out on drums is still one of my favourite things to see.

Finally we end Winter seeing Emily Gilmore in jeans and seeing Lorelai agree to therapy with her mother.

We enter Spring in therapy, which is clearly not as successful and some optimists may like. We attend the Spring Food Festival, Mrs Kim is still the greatest, hasn't aged a day I have always loved her even when I've disagreed with her. OMG Mr Kim is seen, I always though Mrs Kim and Lane was like a Mary and Jesus kinda deal.

Nostalgia is foaming at the basket bidding and we are taken back to how Lorelai roped in Luke to bidding on her basket of two stale Pop-Tarts and a Slim Jim. Jackson with no Sookie, COME ON where is she?

Finding out Logan is engaged and his fiance isn't Rory made me so happy but then I got disappointed in both of them, then happy that there was still hope for Jess. 

We experience another Paul Anka dream with Lorelai and if I was Jennifer Lawrence I would definitely stay at the Dragonfly Inn. We get to again watch a film by Kirk, we all remember his first 'I Love Your Daughter' so we sit again to watch Kirk kill a pig, only in film not for reals, haha I didn't do that on purpose, I swear.

Some of my favourite episodes from the original series was those at Chilton, Rorys Graduation was one of my favourite episodes, her valedictorian speech still makes me well up, so now we see her and Paris return, where we see once again headmaster Charleston, Franci and a very aged, very different Tristan. 

The girls take New York by storm for the day, for a piece for GQ about lines. I know us Brits are the rulers of lines and queues but there is no way I'd wait in line for pastry. OMGoodness that little girl from Hope Floats is all grown up, damn how many more times through this am I going to made to feel ancient. Oh and yea Rory slept with a Wookie.

We exit Spring seeing Rory through out all her mobile phone devices, all three of them and move back home to Stars Hollow. 

Entering Summer by the pool with Lorelai and Rory, who are avoiding speedo wearing peeps walking past. Rory is back although she says she isn't but she is, she's back. We join Luke, Lorelai, Rory and April sit for dinner, she is so grown up, being introduced wearing a nose ring this time instead of that bike helmet/brace. 

"Excuse me Mr Hasselhoff," I'm no Hoff fan but Luke in a lifeguard t-shirt I might just go ahead a pretend to drown. Babette and Patty may just be my favourite duo and they both look great, I love Babettes wit and humour. I'm not entirely sure how to feel about the musical we saw, even the second time I watched it I wanted to fast forward it. I feel like I was Lorelai for a moment watching it.

The 30 something club is not cool.

Aaghagghsgahga. Jess! It's Jess. I bet you can guess I'm totally Team Jess, he has always been in my eyes the best boyfriend for Rory, yes he strayed a little, but I feel his the only one that never tried to change her, he wanted her to stay in school. He encourages her to write a book and what to write about. He is the only one that has wanted her to keep writing. Logan and Dean really have nothing on Jess. Can I just talk about that ring on his finger. Did he win the Superbowl or something. It's huge!

We finish Summer with some realisation. Rory starts to write her story and Lorelai decides to do Wild, the book not the film. I've been meaning to watch the film but after this I think I'm going to read the book first.

We fall into Fall in a motel room with Lorelai in her room of oranges, browns and DNA samples, she is packing to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. At this point I'm curious to see how this is going to end, how can they fit all I'm expecting in an hour and a half. Luke is lost, Rory is seeing message wearing pigs and Jess is still in town, I loved his early Christmas present for Lukes by the way.

Seeing a lost Lorelai is horrible, herself and Rory used to be so sure, so knowing of what they wanted. 

Seeing the Life and Death Brigade one last time was great. Colin, Finn and Robert oh and Logan was there. Finn was always my favourite, flashbacks began of him dressed as John Travolta from Pulp Fiction was a happy vision to re-see. I couldn't actually help but laugh out loud when he started talking to the deer head, I think it's the accent. That little Wizard of Oz moment between Rory and the three of them was so nice. I thought that was great as a final farewell between them all. BYE Logan!

That moment Lorelai has when she comes across that mountain pass and she looked out upon it, you could tell she was done that's what she needed. Then that phone call to her mother about her father, the story she told, the story she should have told at his funeral, that moment was beautiful. Got me crying the first time and I couldn't hold back the tears the second time I watched it. We had seen Lorelai push out her parents a lot and disagree with them so much but in that moment you forgot all the arguments, disagreements and dislike she had towards them, especially towards Richard.

So Lorelai returns home to Luke where he thinks she is going to end there relationship and we see Luke fight for their relationship, this moment might be the best in the whole four seasons. Seeing Luke that passionate and loving towards her and what they've built over the last so many years was great, I feel like he needed to express himself in that way, he needed to burst and it was great. That scene ends with an engagement. There's going to be a wedding. Yay!

Rory chooses to write her book at the Gilmore house, we see flashbacks of all four sitting at the table for Friday Night Dinner, in the kitchen we hear the voices of Rory, Emily and Richard debate whether a pizza is dinner worthy. She then enters Richards study, opening the door to see Richard sitting there working away, when that happened my heart literally sank. I've been a crying mess since Winter. 

Seriously though when Rory pushed across the table those three chapters to Lorelai and that front page read 'The Gilmore Girls' I burst into tears. It was like One Tree Hill all over again. I was though expecting this to happen and because it did it made it all so much better.

Emily said BULLSHIT, three times! Haha! Bullshit, three times. Bullshit. Yes Emily, Yes. Her sass and no fucks given attitude is liberating. Go Emily.

I didn't know how I would feel when I saw Christopher but my jaw dropped, ten years have passed dude, do you know what ageing is? 

It bought me joy hearing Emily say 'Show me the Money,' we see Lorelai make one more deal with her mother for money that is leant. Nantucket seems like a lovely place to spend two weeks in the summer for her.

Rory runs into Dean at the market and he sounds happy, it's great. I know a lot of people didn't like Dean but when I first saw him, the first thing I thought was, 'Isn't there demons to be hunting Sam?' Can you tell I'm a Supernatural fan.

Sookie comes in right at the end and all though it was short, it was sweet and all that cake. I counted 12 wedding cakes and I'm a little upset I got no invite, I love me some cake, stupid diet won't met me have any though. That little zucchini patch on that milestone cake though was wonderful, more memorable episodes were remembered. Michel having a meltdown needed to happen but seeing Lorelai and Sookie together again was great, two friends, best friends.

Lorelai finally gives her blessing to Rory writing the book and suggests she drops the 'the'. I would read that book by the way if it was actually being written and released. 

No Luke, it's not over, no-one has ever looked at Rory like Jess has, that's true love baby.

Being able to watch Luke and Lorelai get married the way they did was magical, it was long waited but so great to see, especially with who joined them, Michel and Lane. From episode one we have been Team Luke and Lorelai, day one they were meant to be, then during those final last minutes it all ends how it began, Lorelai and Rory are sitting in the gazebo once again and we hear finally four last words spoken. 

"I'm Pregnant,"

The first time watching it I screamed 'WHAT' at my TV so loud I made my children jump.

All I can say now is I hope they make no more episodes because it has come a full circle, but I'll say one last thing. I believe Logan is the father but he would be to Rory who Christopher was to Lorelai and Jess will be to Rory who Luke was to Lorelai. 


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