Thursday, 24 November 2016

How Do I Stay Motivated

Syke! I am sorry if you came here expecting a list of things that I do to stay motivated, and to be honest I had a list, a long one. I can tell you go for walks, listen to music, read a book and take a long soak in some bubbles in the tub. But I'm not going to because for me ways to stay motivated are just ways to distract myself that I still feel like shit and I'm going to do something else to cover up what I really should be doing. That's me, my belief. I still scroll through Pinterest for hours looking for that perfect motivation quote and I will read other peoples story and yes that makes me feel like I can carry on, but some day and only some days after I've done all that, I still feel like a pile of turd just a bit bigger. JUST BEING HONEST!

Motivation is one of those things that are great at the beginning of what ever you starting, whether it be losing weight/getting fit or quiting smoking (I've done both) but the truth is motivation doesn't last, it starts to come and go and that's when discipline comes into it, but we still need that motivation, and that's when we start to look in other places other than ourselves for it. Some days I really have zero and sometimes minus that. Some days I feel like staying in bed pulling the covers over my head and forgetting I'm there for the day, week, month, those days happen. They happen a lot to me but there are also ways to get me out of my phunk.

For me I'm standing in a boxing ring with two corners filled fighting each other with me in the middle, in the red corner I have motivation, determination and self-confidence and in the blue corner I have, self-doubt, depression and zero confidence. Some days they are sitting nicely in their corners quiet but then some days they are at full battle, arms throwing blows that get caught by me. It's a battle between good and evil and whenever it happens there is no telling who will come out of it notorious.

Sure you're most probably thinking, well you have a choice to get up and workout or to just get up in general but unless you have suffered/suffering with depression and have mental health problems then leave now, you will never understand this.

I can wake up and want to work out so bad that I make myself feel so sick because I'm putting myself down before I've even started, I'm telling myself yeah go ahead workout, you're still going to be fat and feel like crap. THAT HAPPENS, IT'S REAL! And when you're in that battle you don't look back at when you started and you don't see the changes that have already happened. All you see is yourself and how you are now and seeing how you're not where you want to be.

I have many mornings began a workout that my body has arrived to but my mind is saying 'fuck no'. I have completed workouts that I haven't been 100% there for, it happens and it's a strange feeling because you're there forcing yourself to sweat, feel a burn but you're completely detached from everything you're actually doing.

So I'll tell you honestly what my motivation is. I know what I want, and I know I need to work to get what I want, if I want to lose weight I need to workout hard and push myself everyday, change my eating habits and portion control. Change my lifestyle to a healthier one. That's what I do. This is also something else I do.


Yes I sweat, I workout hard to lose the unwanted weight I have. I sweat so much that it will be felt dripping down me, when I'm doing planks, the sweat is hitting my exercise mat everyone would think it's raining. I sweat so that I can write little motivational things in the stuff. (I know it's gross but hey ho) I sweated so much once that when I sent a picture of my drenched top to my mum, she thought I had tie-dyed my top.

I work hard so I can have the body I want.

Those days I have that are filled with zero motivation are very few and far between, but they happen and they suck. I hate them and I wish they didn't happen but they do. It's hard and I manage somehow to push through it but some days I can't and I just want to say that it's ok. Your motivation will disappear every now and then, no-one can be focused and fixed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. Congratulations if you are, drop a comment on how that would be much appreciated.

This post went hay-wire rather quickly and I apologise if it makes no sense. I have no real solution to how to get your motivational juices flowing other than to just keep pushing through it. Push through the bad thoughts, the self-doubt, the days where you are feeling lost and not sure whether you can carry on anymore. Just stop, take a step back and think about how far you've come, look around and see other people on the same journey as you. See what they have done and how they've accomplished their goals, see what they have done, see that it is possible.


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