Sunday, 20 November 2016

Movies That Get Me Grabbing for the Klennex Every Time!


Now there will always be a film that will have you reaching for the tissues every single time and I want to celebrate those movies, well the movies that always get me right in the feelings. I could write a list of hundreds of films that get me teary or films that would have that single tear fall down my cheek but no I want a list that puts that lump in my throat, ones that get me so bad I'm struggling to breath and cry at the same time and there is a few.

Steel Magnolias

Now if you want a film that's going to make you cry so bad one minute then literally the next second be laughing your head off this film is for you. I love this film so much it's full of so many important messages we could all learn from. 1. Friendships are so important in life, the girls or dudes in your life that are there by your side are maybe some of the most important people who you'll ever have in your life. 2. Sometimes life will hand you a crate load of lemons and no strength to squeeze them. It doesn't matter whether you're young, healthy anything can happen. 3. Your family is always there for you, hopefully even when you need a kidney from one of them.

You can't go wrong with this movie and if you don't cry you have no soul, I'll just state that now. And there's Dolly Parton, Sally Fields and Julia Roberts and others. Go watch it if you haven't it's great.

Pearl Harbour

Now this is the first of two Ben Affleck movies on this list and I think it's all down to him that the tears start rolling. In this movie it's his reaction to realising his childhood friend is not going to be coming home with him when the war ends, that he'll have to take his friend home to the woman who loves him, a woman he loves and although he feels betrayed he is his friend and the idea of his life ending is too much. If that made sense as you read that, congratulations, I had no idea what I was saying.

I enjoy movies that entwine real life events with stories of fiction, if they are done well they can be a great film and seeing as it's one of my favourite films ever, it did it's job well.

Rocky I,II,III,VI,V 

I am a huge Rocky fan, they are some of my favourite films and I know a lot of people will question by mental stability when they read this, yet I have a soft spot for the Italian Stallion Rocky Balboa. I was brought up watching these movies and I just enjoyed watching Rocky and as I got older the more I understood about the message each movie had. Something a lot of people don't see because they see it as only a boxing movie. Be gone haters!

Anyways I can tell you exactly when and where I will cry in all 5, number 6 doesn't get me at all which I'm fine with. Rocky I - when he loses to Apollo and his all beaten and calling for Adrian and she's calling for him and yeah that happens. Rocky II - when Adrian wakes from her coma and tells Rocky to win, shivers every time followed by the best training montage ever. Then the end when he wins the fight and he shouts 'Yo Adrian, I did it' *cries cries cries* and you can tell where I'm going with all the others.


Nasa if you're reading this, if there is an asteriod coming for Earth do not, I repeat do not send up Bruce Willis, do you hear me Houston?! - With that being said, this film is at the top of my favourite films of all time, you have all the great funny actors and a killer soundtrack by the awesome Aerosmith, what more do you need from a film. Maybe Owen Wilsons character not dying but I guess I already ask for too much.

That moment where Harry pulls AJs oxygen tube things off his suit to take his place, I had never been so angry and upset in my life. Well there's actually a moment before that, that gets me eyes watering, when POTUS gives the orders to over ride the nuclear war head that's up in space and Harrys daughter charges forward yelling 'You haven't told him yet, that's my father up there.' Trust me I did not google that, then Truman turns pointing his finger telling the general, 'This is one order you shouldn't take and you fucking know it,' BOOOM! I'm sorry I got way to excited writing that. This only proves one thing, I have seen this film far too many times.

Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump is one of those timeless classics that you could watch over and over again, fast forwarding the scene though where he runs, I can't be the only one? The scene that gets my tears a flowing is when he finally gets off the bench and he arrives at Jennys and he introduces her to her son, which is revealed that Forrest is the father and it's the moment he asks if his smart and his standing tall, choked with tears in his eyes, shocked, proud and extremely happy that he has a son, that moment for me just makes the whole film tie together perfectly. It's such a beautiful movie moment that will always get me in the feelings every time.

So there they are the five movies that will forever having eyes producing those little things called tears. I don't even mind because they are all amazing films.

Do you have a specific movie that gets you reaching for the tissues when you watch it? If so leave a comment.


  1. The Green Mile made me bawl! I watched it at home alone one day and I cried my eyes out.

  2. Oh Forrest Gump is amazing. Every time I see what dreams may come I cry and sob soooo much !!

  3. Im a HUGE movie fan myself. You name it, I've seen it! theres nothing I love more than watching movies and tv shows, were very similar. I love this post!! X

    1. Awh thank you, I love movies so much. My perfect day would to just watch movies and TV boxset continously. Too bad there is only 24 hours in the day x