Sunday, 1 January 2017

Hello 2017

Before I go into my aspirations, wishes and dreams for this New Year we have entered I would like to just recap my 2016.

I was pregnant entering  2016 and ready to give birth in May, we were so excited, I couldn't wait to add another little baby to our family, I didn't struggle in this pregnancy like I did with Mia so it was a great start to any year. In the Spring during my final trimester I got this wave of energy so whilst Nick was working instead of Mia and I sitting in doing nothing, I got my heavy pregnant arse up and went on beach walks with Mia, she loved it and it made my final trimester fly by.

My waters broke May 6th after watching Gnome and Juliet (long, different story) Robyn entered our world May 7th 2016, it was a sunny Saturday lunch time, we were able to take her home that night which was amazing, we were able to have both our babies at home with us, our little family was completed. The next day my mum stayed for 6 weeks to help us through those earlier stages which was just amazing.

You remember that high 2016 started on and lasted till after Robyn was born, well that high hit rock bottom about a month after Robyn was born, it had been creeping in a little before then but I hated myself, I was tired, I was sleeping twice during the day, I had no energy, I was over weight and I ached. I hated what I was seeing in the mirror and every time I looked down on myself I was repulsed, my Mental Health took a turn and plummeted to an all time low.

I feel incredibly lucky to have a partner like Nick, he was there to pick me up and accept that I wanted this change in myself, I didn't want to be unhappy with myself anymore, I wanted to fully commit to a healthier lifestyle, I wanted to workout and lose weight. We scrapped everything, everything crap, processed and just plain nasty, it was all binned. My weightloss journey had begun and I had the support from all that was around me, and that high that dropped began to rise like a phoenix from the ashes. I was changing, the weight was being lost. I was working out, writing and being with my family all in one day. 'How does she do it?' I hear you ask. I couldn't tell you because I barely do I starter doing as much in my day as I wanted because there is 24 hours in a day. 

Working out and eating the right food gave me energy I thought I could never get and because I was working out and eating well I took better care of myself, took a little bit more pride in myself and appearance and that really made me feel a whole lot better. In the September we went on out first family holiday abroad to France and that was amazing. 

I lost 49 lbs in 2016 from July to end of December, working out and eating better now, don't get me wrong I indulged in a few take-aways here and there but I never let myself regret those, I never made myself feel guilty for wanting a Chinese, because I wanted it, I just worked out hard the next day so that chicken curry wouldn't fully hit my arse.    

So now to 2017 a year I'm entering on another high, and I'm going to keep it high even when my knees feel as they may buckle and my arms start to feel weak, I will keep this high. I won't let it fall because I've seen, I've looked back at what I've achieved and I would be a fool to let myself fall back. 

I always like to make New Years Resolutions, whether I keep them or not I feel like they hold hope and I like hope. One years resolution I made was to become a vegetarian that ended January 1st around lunchtime when I woke to the smell of eggs, sausages and bacon, so that didn't exactly happen. 

My New Years Resolutions for 2017

- Continue on this healthy lifestyle for myself and my family.
- Lose the remaining 4 stone to get to my goal weight.
- Finish the first draft of my book
- Just be happy and be myself

I also want to read more this year and I already 5 books on my list and 1 of them I already read before 2017 but I'll still count it in. My list is so - 

- The Girl on the Train - Read
- Talking As Fast As I Can - Reading
- The Hunger Games
- Catching Fire
- Mockingjay

This list will grow throughout the year, I would also take any book suggestions anyone may have. I love to read and I'm a surprisingly fast reader so it'll be fun to see how many I can cram into one year. 

I would like to end this just recapping Christmas, it was amazing it truly was, my mum joined is this year and stayed up late with me Christmas Eve to wrap the presents I'd forgot to wrap. Christmas Day was great, Mia loved everything she got and so did Robyn although she would've happily sat and ate the wrapping paper if we left her to it, I got beautiful gifts from everyone, Nick got me my book, Supernatural Funko Pop Vinyl figures, a dumbell tree with weights and an ab roller wheel. It's funny because I asked for nearly all of that from Nick and he told me he was getting me something else, so it truly was a complete surprise that caught me crying with joy, and they say men don't listen....haha well sometimes.

I got some really lovely gifts from my mama, including my 'Hello 2017' day to view diary and I received some totally great gifts from my mother and father in law that totally took me by surprise, Christmas Day was just amazing I was able to spend the day with those I love.

Happy New Year guys

2017 is going to kick ass. 


  1. After a roller-coaster of a year I hope you and your family have a steadier ride this year. Happy New Year.

  2. Good luck reaching all your goals for 2017. I hope this year is amazing for you!

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  4. Sorry to hear about how low you felt after having Robyn. It must be so hard to deal with the rapid and strong hormones so well done you for getting better. Mental health is hard enough without the responsibility of children so honestly, I'm in awe of you. Hope this year continues to be fantastic xx

  5. I'm so sorry about what happened last year, and you are so strong for getting through it. I'm so glad that you're in a much better place now, and I wish you and your family all the best for 2017!💕

    Grace x

  6. thoroughly enjoyed reading this! im sorry to hear about your lows of 2016. I hope you and your family have an amazing 2017

  7. Omg Mia and Robyn are actually so bloody cute it's unreal!!
    I am so sorry that you felt that way after having Robyn, it's horrible when you've been on such a high and it slowly creeps in. I can completely empathise with you on this, but I'm so glad you have Nick by your side! Someone who can help you and keep you uplifted, it's amazing! I know you will smash your goals this year, you're already doing amazing anyway!

  8. Absolutely amazing year you had, especially my 6 weeks spent with you xx