Thursday, 5 January 2017

Why Don't We Jump In Puddles Anymore?

I went for a walk a few days ago to blow the 2016 cobwebs off me down to see the ocean when I saw Mia do something. Every puddle we passed whether they were deep, shallow, big or small, she jumped in them and got so excited it was thrilling to see her so happy and carefree patting her little feet in her wellies splashing the water. I couldn't explain the sheer joy she had in those moments it was amazing and I managed to get some pictures, but I wondered is that why adults are maybe 75% of the time grumpy, bored, miserable and unhappy, is it because we stopped jumping in puddles.

Don't get me wrong I'm not saying all adults are grumpy and to stop that you must jump in puddles, I'm merely stating that maybe some of us have stopped doing those little things that bring us so much joy, for example I remember when I was younger during the six week summer holidays I would sit and count aeroplanes with my notebook and pen tallying how many I'd see during the day. Aeroplanes, the entire day, lounging around looking up into the blue summer sky counting sodding aeroplanes. I still find myself doing it on clear days, if I spot one up there I'll look around to spot others then go about my day, but as I child I would sit for god knows how long putting a line down for every aeroplane I saw, I was actually logging it and I had pages full.

I could have been tallying the amount of times a human blinks in a day or how many times I went to the toilet a day compared to my mother used the toilet in a day. (she drinks a lot of tea, so I think she'd win) I could've been collecting data that would be used as statistics now but nope I counted aeroplanes. Which brings me to this, why don't we do those wondrous, joyful things we did as children, as I watched Mia jumping in the puddles I was a little envious, I wanted to be 2 again and be in a pair of Minnie Mouse wellies with a giant puddle in front of me. I remembered and I missed just sitting there in the summer counting those tiny little aeroplanes.

Sometimes I think it's because we've become adults and we have grew out of our childish ways and to me that's sad and if you think that's sad also then do this, if you see a puddle and you're wearing appropriate footwear just tap your foot in it, please. Or when you're looking up into the sky, take a look find an aeroplane and then look for another.

Is there anything you did as a child you don't do anymore that bought you happiness, please drop a comment, I'd love to know.


  1. Such a true post! It's definitely the little things isn't it? I loved to play in the garden, watching ants.... literally watching ants all day long. And I loved to count cars, we lived on a busy mainstream and we would all sit on the wall at the bend, counting cars as they passed and it's things like that! Everything is so hectic now that we are adults, we are always moving, never stopping to just breath and take it all in, doing simple things! Xoxoo

    Jordanne ||

  2. I've never stopped jumping in puddles or rolling down hills much to the embarrassment of my wife.

  3. Mummy still jumps in puddles lol, was a joy watching Mia have fun in them puddles xx