Tuesday, 10 January 2017

I Entered This Blogging Universe and I'm Surviving........

Now starting out I thought, 'ok lets just write what I want to write about and go from there', little did I know about the entire blogging freaking universe I was about to step into when I created that Twitter account to share my posts.

Damn, what was I getting myself into, there were the beauty bloggers from Venus, obviously. the lifestyle bloggers with their feet safely on planet Earth, then the parenting bloggers who were getting too close to the sun with their little ones. Then there is the fashion bloggers who scare the shizz out of me, I think what they do is amazing but to me, they are the black hole that goes to a different dimension.

Then you have the whole package bloggers who do everything, the ones that jump from one planet, one space entity to another. What was I doing here?

I had my space boots on and enough oxygen for a month to see if I could make it, with hopes one planet would take me in as I practised my 'I come in peace' stance. Blogging was huge on Twitter and I was scared, I followed a whole bunch of bloggers to begin with, thinking if I want to connect with other bloggers well I need to follow them right? Many of these bloggers had over a thousand followers and I was hear thinking none of them are ever even going to like a tweet of mine, let alone follow me back or read my posts or even comment on my blog.

But you see here is what I love about the universe, sometimes, every now and then stars shine brighter than most, some come spiralling down your way and when they hit you, they hit you, they make an impact becoming unable to forget, and I'm freaking pleased that this has happened in my case.

I was happy to have found a place where writing was the thing to do, every one was doing it. I felt safe against judgement and ridicule for what I wrote about. I was sharing my writing with a few like-minded people and it encouraged me to write more, write a little bit better and in general have a wider perspective on writing in general.

Now I'm going to shout out a few bloggers, who I followed in the beginning and I would like to say they have become bloggers, writers and people I have come to respect and admire.


I would say I know Courteney personally from when I was younger and I would go on holiday to my nans home in Norfolk. Courteney's blog was maybe the first blog I'd read before I even said I was going to start blogging again. Reading her posts made me miss writing and I wanted to be doing it again. So really if it wasn't for her blog I may never have put my fingers to keyboards keys again. Her writing made me want to visit the places she went to, made me want to want to eat the food she was reviewing. A wonderful blog.




Now Katie was among the very first bloggers I followed on Twitter and she had over a thousand followers, so I knew she wouldn't follow me back or read any of my blog posts, yet I was wrong. I love her blog so much and her posts are awesome, guaranteed with a little giggle in there also (that might just be me) I now consider her a friend and I'm really happy I didn't let me self-doubt over-rule me by not following her in the first place.

Ramblings Of A Student



Sarah blogs over at See The Stars and once again she was one of the first bloggers I followed. Her posts are awesome, some of them being my favourite posts I've read. I'm also jealous of her photography skills and her hair because it's also awesome, and my hair does nothing but sit nicely in a ponytail. Her love of TV shows makes it easy to love her blog. She is one of those bloggers whose next post you're excited to read.

See The Stars



Now what do I say about Jordanne. She is amazing, her writing whether personal or a review is great. You're really pulled in and another blogger I could like to say I consider her a friends also. She has the cutest little man in her life, so naturally shes a kick-ass mum. She is also one of the first bloggers I followed and had no real hope that she'd follow me back but she did and I'm thankful. She's the best.

The Life Of A Glasgow Girl



I could not leave this list without including this jewel, Shannon. My twitter was full of Gilmore Girl tweets due to her re-watching them before the revival on Netflix. Some of them literally would make my day, or make me think about a character or situation in a complete different way. I love her blog posts and I feel like she can conquer anything. She is one of those people you meet in life and you root for, for everything they do, because they are awesome.



Following the blogs of these ladies have helped my writing and blogging in a way I didn't think it could, simply by being inspired by them and what they do made me want to succeed in my writing. So all I could do now is thank them, starting my 2017 off with sharing a little love and gratitude.



  1. HaHa I totally relate, beauty bloggers intimidate me in some way I guess cause they are just SO good at what they do haha.
    I don't know why I have never heard of these bloggers that you listed, I am definitely going to check them out, God knows I need inspiration:)
    Love your writing girl, you have such a unique way with words! Very descriptive ����

  2. You've done so well in the past year! I often get the feeling of what am I doing here? too so don't worry, you're not the only one!
    Your daily Instagram posts of your fitness and weight loss progress has really inspired me! Yesterday I made a little diary to track my own progress!
    You're amazing and keep doing what you're doing! X

  3. Love this post, it is intimidating when you look around and see the followings that some people have, but you just have to go for it and put yourself out there.

    Alice | https://aliceinwonderlust.com/

  4. This is such a brilliant post, I love your comparison to various bloggers being on other planets! I have no idea which category I'd fit into haha, I just post about what I love! Can't wait to see your blog continue to grow this year!

    Amy x

  5. I completely agree! I started blogging in 2016 and thought it was going to be so hard getting my blog out there but everyone was so lovely on social media! I think your blog doesn't need to fit onto a certain "planet". You just have to feel at home x

    Claire | clairesyear.com

  6. I've been blogging for years but only last year started to dip my toe into promoting it. Wow what an eye opener! Glad you're enjoying it - as it should be.