Sunday, 29 January 2017

Writing My Book! Finally Putting Pen To Paper!

As a few of you may know, I am in the process of writing my first book. It's was an easy decision to make for myself to finally put pen to paper and create a world between the lines.

I love writing fiction, having complete control to create anything I want without having to research facts and have correct information. A genre I love the most, a genre I found out that I loved to write in school was alternative futures, which in a different word can be known as Dystopia. I read 1984 in school and that really changed my writing, having creative control over a world that doesn't exist, that excited me so you can't imagine how eager I was to start writing my own.

2016 was the year I began writing my book and I would say I had roughly 2/3 chapters down that I was happy with, but then Christmas came and I toke some time off and when I looked back on it, picking up those 2/3 chapters I reread them and I hated them. I literally looked own on my words and couldn't fathom what made me write them in the first place. It was just horrible so I was thankful for that time away. I binned it. I threw it away. In the bin those chapters went, those chapters that I had been working on, the beginning of a story I had been brewing up for months was in the bin. Yet now I was lost, what was I doing?

I now had to start fresh and that scared me because it toke me long enough to get to where I was but I couldn't carry on from there, honestly other writers would understand this but those first couple of chapters had no direction, they weren't going anywhere, so I thought throwing them away was the best thing I could've done. It wasn't though and as much as I hate being told how to write in the first place, I listened and he was write. I don't mind saying Nick was right.

So I was sitting there with fresh writing paper in front of me, a blank space with no words to write, I sat there for sometime huffing and puffing expressing my frustration around the room deliberately making a little too much noise for Nick to notice and help me, because I also seem to be to proud to ask for help when needed. I told him I didn't know what to write, I told him I had something but it wasn't right so now I was starting again and I had nothing.

He asked me if I had created a story plan, I was all like 'I don't write story plans' he told me something that went a bit like this 'well maybe that's why it wasn't going somewhere, you had no where for it to go, you didn't plan'  Now my way of writing has always just flowed, I'd never had to write a plan, never needed to, so being told I needed to write one for my story to go somewhere was new to me but I did it. I fished out those chapters I wrote before Christmas because that story I loved and I went and wrote it a plan. I changed a few things for the plan to work but it was all going really well.

I had a plan and I have those first couple of chapters back, I was one happy Zoe. My story had a plan, a direction, so when I take a break or I'm plagued with writers block it won't matter too much because when I go back to it, I know where it's going to go.

I'm looking forward to getting my first draft of my book finished this year and hopefully go into self-publishing by this time next year. 


  1. Woooo! Go you! I'm hella proud of you my lovely for writing your own book. Such an amazing achievement love I think sometimes it can be helpful starting a fresh for sure. And I'm so positive you'll do it!

    Jordanne ||

  2. This sounds so exciting! I'd love to write a book at some point!

  3. This is amazing! I'm proud of you for writing your own book, that's such a massive achievement! I wish you the best of luck, you'll enjoy it.

    Gemma |

  4. It's incredibly exciting that you're writing your own book - I'm so glad you've got your flow back again, writers block is bad enough when writing a blog let alone a book! Good luck with it lovely.


  5. It's so exciting that you're writing your own book, that's an amazing achievement!
    Good luck with it Lovely!!

    Love, Melissa x

  6. i wish you luck with your self-publishing! its my dream to one day write a book and have it published and in-stores. great post!

  7. So amazing that you're making steps towards achieving your dream! You go girl! X