Tuesday, 24 January 2017

That Blank White Page That Haunts Me!

Writers block! Writers block! Writers block! That evil thing many of us writers are plagued with once or twice, or all damn time in our lives. It's literally like a brick wall has miraculously been built in front of whatever we know of the English language, I have many times found myself sitting in front of that blank page in my notebook or that empty blogger box on my computer screen with nothing to write. I begin to question, if I even know how to write out my own name sometimes. It's extremely frustrating this writers block and I'm constantly finding myself standing in front of that brick wall.

I've many times during writers block actually been able to write but knowing that nothing I have written is any good, I can just write and write and it's dead, there's no life in what I'm writing and it's just no good, this happens to me more so than the complete block, it's that moment when you finish what you've written and you don't believe in it, not one word speaks back to you. I know it's not a complete block but I should be at least happy I'm writing, right?

No. I don't accept writing that I've done that I don't believe. But I don't want to talk about that side of writers block I want to talk about the side I want to conquer, the side that has that brick wall, where you can't write one thing and it happens to me all the time Yet for me there is really only one thing that gets me through this stage.


If I am not able to write about something, if I'm not 100% into it. If every word I write is alien to me, no matter how much I want to write. I step back. I won't open my notebook or blogger for however long it lasts for it to come back. I'll go do something else and sometimes if I'm lucky this will only last 2 hours, and I can deal with it lasting 2 days but then sometimes it lasts longer. My last block lasted 18 days.

I've learned that words can't be forced if there are no words there, it'd be like wringing out a dry towel looking for a drop of water, nothing is going to happen. So I find instead of wasting a lot of time only to be left disappointed, I come away and distract myself from writing, in hopes that at some time it will just hit me. I do that because I know it will come back to me and that I am in no way completely clueless to the written word. So if this happens to you more times than you like it to, just step back, do not force out words that are not there, be patient and it'll come.



  1. I completely agree about not forcing yourself to write if nothing comes - I think you can definitely tell when a post has just been churned out when the person writing it hasn't really been feeling it! Inspiration can come from the strangest places, so don't give up, it'll always come back - often when you least expect it 🌸

    Abbey 💓 www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

  2. When I'm trying to write a new blog post but nothing is coming to me, I tend to just have a little chill time. Go for a walk, shopping, watch an episode of something or have a bath and etc. Having a little break works wonders :)

    I've literally thought up a new blog post idea, just as I am about to go sleep lol x


  3. I suffer writers block terribly bad some days and I second guess everything I write as if it's going to be complete gibberish! Glad someone understands, great post! X

  4. I've been stuck with writers block for a week or so now and today it finally came back which was weird after the day I'd had, but I finally wrote 7 posts and scheduled them! But if I had tried to force it, it would have made the dry spell last longer! Forcing it doesn't help the situation and it can make things worse :(

    Jordanne || Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk

  5. Definitely agree with not forcing it! The best posts just come to you in their own time. I've had writers block so many times but each time I've left it and always come back with lots of fresh ideas!

    Sophie xx | www.snippetofsophie.com

  6. You cannot force yourself lovely, if there's nothing there you just need a little break! I have experienced Writer's Block yet but I'm sure I will one day. I think it's because I've got so much that I haven't covered. I do find looking at Blog Post Ideas helps a lot, then you can just tweak things to make it you.

    Gemma | www.anoceanglimmer.wordpress.com

  7. I literally get attacked by writers block on a weekly basis so I feel you haha. Breaks are always good. I usually try to go somewhere with inspiration which could be anywhere like a park, forest, the mall even?? I also have a playlist that usually sparks something when I've got a bad case of writers block. Great post!!

  8. I agree! Writer's block often happens to me, but stepping away for a bit can help. Coming up with blog posts ideas can be tough, but I just think about what I am feeling and how I can portray that on my blog.