Monday, 3 October 2016

My Top 10 Favourite Disney Movies

I love Disney.

Three little words I like to use from time to time.

I wanted to do a Top 5 favourite Disney movies but I love equally both the animation and live-action motion pictures, so instead of 5 I've compiled my Top 10, 5 animated and 5 live-action. I feel that's the fairest way to do things. Here we go

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

You can not go wrong with the first, the classic Snow White, she may not be my favourite Disney princess yet this film I do have a huge soft spot for and I LOVE Dopey.


I love Hercules and it's strange because I know so many people who strongly dislike this film, I love the muses, Hades is one of my favourite villains and you can't not get all soppy when he trades in all her worked for at the end for Meg.


This is my favourite Disney princess, I love this lady maybe not so much the legendary woman warrior it's based on but definitely the animated Mulan we watch kick butt. Mushu is amazing if I ever need protection I hope the Great Stone Dragon stays asleep and Mushu arrives.


As I write this post this film is on in my home and I hear the voices of Nick and Judy all the time, in the form of plush dolls we got her for her birthday. Yes, she's obsessed but I love this film anyway, it has a strong message about stereotypes and assumptions that I think are great.

The Little Mermaid

This Disney film is the only one I know all the words to all the songs. Actually I'll rephrase that because I pretty much know a lot of them but this one in particular might be the only one I would sing along out loud to. Whether I'm belting out badly Part of your World of I'm screeching Kiss the Girl, I'm singing. 

The Princess Diaries

I was 10 when this film was released and I went from wanting to go to Hogwarts to wanting a secret grandmother to come out of the wood works and tell me I was royalty, anyone else? I still get excited to sit down and watch this film when it's on.


I love the book, which we was made to read in school and the film is great. Shia Labeouf is one of my favourite actors. This film also made me wish we had a no good, dirty rotten, pig stealing great great grandfather. Just me?

National Treasure

A bit of American history, Disney and Nicolas Cage, can not go wrong in my eyes, along with number 2 I love this film and furious Netflix has removed them.

The Pacifier

Vin Diesel. Vin Diesel. Vin Diesel. That's all. Ooh and Robert, Rays brother in Everybody Loves Raymond, his hilarious in this and then we have Lorelai Gilmore moonlighting as a principle. All over funny, feel good movie.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes for all 4 and a little yea for number 5. These films are amazing, I love the stories, the characters. One of my favourite box sets movies. Yo Ho a Pirates Life for me

With so much love out there for Disney I would love to hear your favourites.

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