Wednesday, 5 October 2016

So I watched Dirty 30 at 24 and I loved it.

On the LOL counter this film has 12 solid LOL moments.

I wanted to watch this movie the moment it was released but I was in France so I had to wait. Having been watching Mamrie Hart, Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart on YouTube for a number of years now and being brought to tears by their funny videos, I knew I had to watch this movie also I loved Camp Takota.

I must state first of all that I am 24 years old, engaged and I've created two bubba girls, I don't relate to this film as much as a single 29 year old would. Much love to all out there.


The movie starts off with Mamrie Harts character Kate who is on a blind date with someone and it's going beyond terrible, he doesn't look like how he does from his profile picture, so I'm presuming they met on Tinder or some other dating site. Basically he isn't who he made out he was on his profile and he goes GOTH on the weekends. Then the worst thing ever happens when your on a date, her ex-boyfriend enters with his new girl. She slides under the table and army crawls out, same way I would have gone to.

We then see Kate at home calling around confirming and arranging get-togethers that she attends on a weekly basis and everyone's busy, some can't make it, some have had other things pop up, I even bet some told a lie to get out of it. So she calls her two best friends from high school who with out a doubt are knocking down her door in no time.
Evie (Grace Helbig) rummaging through her friends post as you do, comes across a letter from their old high school, inside said letter is another letter from 16 year old Kate to 30 year old Kate, and as Evie starts to read Kate suddenly realises all 16 year old Kate expected of her hasn't actually happened. Kate's down, this is hitting hard. We learn Kate will be soon turning 30 and Evie would love to throw her a birthday bash but Kate refuses, and everyone goes on their way.

After a run in with Ashley (the mean girl from school) and some terrible flashbacks to her disaster date, Kate gives in and lets Evie throw her a 30th birthday party, a very elegant, small gathering.

Evie is married to an over-achieving lawyer man-child, with the worst in-laws a person could be blessed with who clearly expect someone of Evie she's just not. She's not happy anyone can see that a mile off. The party is on the same weekend of her husbands celebratory ski weekend for a promotion he received, on the day of party and the departure for all the skiing she calls Charlie (Hannah Hart) or actually gets Charlie to call her where she starts to fake a story of a bald alpaca that's gone missing and it's urgent she stay and help find him. Maybe my favourite thing, Hannah Harts face that clueless is the best.

If I ever needed to make a fake phone call to get out of something I would be aspiring to that one or at least make an on par attempt.

'Partee Thme' 

The parties location is in the house of Evie's mother and father in-laws, we learn a few more things, Charlie is super competitive after having a few alcoholic beverages and she hiding along with her lovely lady that they are engaged. Flula is DJ so you know this party is banging. Kate skeet shoots her panties, yes I said that. It happened.
There's a little section when Kate tells Evie and Charlie she's still thinking about that letter, nothing is happening like it was supposed to, she's turning 30 and what's there to show for it. Evie reveals in her letter she said she'd be married to Justin Timberlake (we all did) and that she will be Oscar nominated by 30 so it shouldn't be a big deal.

I have practiced that speech for an Academy Award, for any award, I was nominated and I won, I win every time and my acceptance speech kills it, there's a standing ovation, tears. Don't judge me!

She finally gets in the groove of the 'partee' when Dan arrives which she is too happy about and heebie jeebies is a thing, it's in Madagascar Dan. They both love White Russians. Who would have Phunked it? There's a scene, the milk has run out so Dan goes to the store and crosses paths with an drunk Ashley about to drive home, he being a gentlemen drives her but guess who's watching from the banister, yes Kate watches Dan leave with Ashley.  'Maybe she thought wrong, maybe he didn't like her.'
If only she knew HIS GOING TO GET MORE MILK!

GOTH on the weekend shows up with his younger brother who's crushing on the popular girl from school, he invited her to the party but she turns up with the quarter back boyfriend, they end up playing Chess together. So cute.

Kate's getting drunk, there was a creepy scene between Evie and Ben, I don't really know what to say about that, Charlie is drunk and is competing in games with Peter which makes her fiance leave the party. Kate makes a drunk phone call to an ex who is now married with a baby. Charlie punches a 19 and a half year old in the face to the ground and Evie freaks out kicking all children at the party out.
One thing that was on Kates letter, is for that Ashley Driscoll can eat shit.
So the 3 ladies, Kate, Evie and Charlie go to Ashleys house and TP her garden, toilet paper everywhere, literally and Dan hasn't even dropped Ashley off yet, you can kinda see where this is going but not quite.

Grace Helbig in this scene was amazing, her character Evie is telling the girls how she hates her husband and how she wants a divorce, she cries and I joined her. I wasn't expecting tears like that in this film but it was a nice moment. Charlie reveals she's engaged. Everyone's happy then Kate needs to pee. As she's mid flow Dan pulls up with a drunk Ashley snogging the face off this homeless guy she thinks is actually a hipster. It's gross.
Ashley is upset, trips and falls flat on her face, there's a small moment they all think she's dead but no she's very much alive with a broken tooth. A tooth that need immediate extraction by Kate an orthodontists assistant whos fear was always to pull a tooth, now she has no choice, and I think she gets a slight kick over the fact it's a tooth from Ashley Driscolls head. She pulls it, every one celebrates. No joke they all cheer, well not Ashley.

They end up spending the night in the drunk tank, unaware to them Dan called Todd to bail them out, upon their release he is there and he is not happy, all his concerned about is how this makes him look and what it will do to him because IT'S ALL ABOUT TODD! There's a scene after this where Todds parents walk in on GOTH and orthodontist in their bed, but I'll leave that there.

Anyway enough of him, this film ends on a really happy high. it ends with Kate narrating over a scene of herself surrounded by amazing friends, a handsome man and a young child in the form of newly single divorcee Evie, sleeping on her couch. So everything on that list her 16 year old self wrote actually did come true. You Go Girl!

To me this movie sends the message that whatever goals or expectations you made for yourself at 16, it isn't the end of the world if it hasn't happened by the age you wanted it to happen by, because at the end of it all, it may not have gone the way you wanted, or in the order you set for it to be in, you've got to remember that your life is awesome and to stop worrying and stressing that something isn't happening straight away. It will happen, it might not happen the way you want it to happen but you just have to enjoy the moment, and have fun doing what you love to do, even if it's not what other people like to do, do it it's yours. Things do work out in their own funny way, so whether you're turning 16, 21, 25 or 30 just enjoy the moment you're in and have fun in an awesome life you've been given. Do what makes you happy and what you want in life will happen right before your eyes, before you can stop and take it all in.

That's how life works, it's a little messy, it throws things at us we don't feel like we're ready for but we've just got to straighten our horns and go at it head first.



  1. Such a detailed post! I definitely feel the need to check this out now lol! Great write up! 💗💗💗 xxx

  2. I really like this post. You're 100% right. Life works out. Sometimes we just need to change our perspective.