Friday, 7 October 2016

Our Day Out


On Wednesday Mia, Robyn and I went into town then down to the beach (at the beginning of October?) Yes. We did and it was lovely. Nick had to get the car MOT done so he couldn't be with us but out of the two it seemed better to take the girls out instead of two babies in a garage. 

This day was lovely, the sun was shining and when out from behind the clouds it was really warm which was nice, I had to have been an idiot not to have taken full advantage of such a beautiful day.

We did have a little accident in the form of Mia and the front wheel of her buggy, yes it flew off. Thankfully a very nice lady stopped and helped hold the buggy as I re-attached it. (Thanks Mia for slowly undoing it) We stopped in Poundland got some bits and then Superdrug and got some more bits, I also got more help from a very nice staff member concerning my eyeliner needs.

We got our lunch and headed down to the beach. One of my favourite walks is the one from Penzance to Marazion along the cycle path, although we didn't get all the way over to Marazion, as it was extremely windy we stopped a quarter of the way, had our lunch on the beach, and Mia and I walked down to the sea. She loves to play in the sand/stones. I'm so glad she loves the beach because I loved it growing up, it is the best place.

Despite the wind Mia and I even managed to make one of these.

So now to the items I bought on Wednesday, it's strange because now as I'm a parent whenever I have a little bit of money I never really buy myself anything. I'd think about it. I'd wonder if I really need it and when I'll use it then I'd see something for the girls and without hesitation buy it. Wednesday was different I actually bought myself some things. One thing was for the flat but that's for Halloween.

The Pumpkin Tea Light Candle Holder - Poundland

I saw this as the lady was putting them out on the shelf and asked nicely for one, I maybe shouldn't have asked for the one she'd literally just placed on the shelf though she looked rather annoyed. Anyways this is so cute and after purchase I even dropped it roughly 3 times, so the quality is good.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula, Lip Balm - Superdrug

This is the only lip balm that protects me from the harsh cold of winter, which likes to dry, crack and blister my lips. I had been searching for years for a lip balm that would save me in these months and last year I did. It also smells amazing.

Ariel, The Little Mermaid Pocket Mirror - Poundland

This was just too cute not to buy, I love Disney and The Little Mermaid is in my Top 10 favourite Disney films also I needed a little mirror to have on hand at all times.

Owl Pendant Necklace - Poundland

I saw this as also a bit Halloweenie, I was torn between two this one and one with a carousel pendant. Both were super cute.

Take A Brow Eyebrow Pencil - Poundland

For years I had shaved/plucked my eyebrows to little lines and only recently have I started to let them grow to get my natural shape, I love them now but there's a section where my eyebrow goes really light and it looks like I shaved it like the kids in the early 2000's did because they thought they were cool. So now I have to fill them and this pencil has always worked.

Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner - Superdrug

I always used to wear the gel eyeliner but I run out and Mia ruined my brush so I had to resort to the liquid liner, which really made my eyes pop but I didn't like how dark it looked. I found this felt tip liner and I love it. It's so easy to apply and it doesn't stand out as much as the liquid one which I love.

Overall we had a lovely day out and I can't wait to put a candle in that little pumpkin. Days out are so much fun.


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