Friday, 17 March 2017

My Dream Writing Space

We all have that place right, where we go to write, a space that's completely disconnected to every thing, a space you go to where words fly. If you don't then I do, I'd like to think I'm more of a creative writer as a lot of what I write besides what goes on my blog are my stories which are all fiction. So the space I need is like a dessert island, it's pretty much just me.

Whether your space is the corner of your bedroom or that little room in your house that you have cushioned up to go and write or it's that imaginary space in your mind. Mine is a bit of both, as for me I need to switch off completely, so I sit up at my desk which I love because it keeps little hands off my paper, because that's another thing I love writing my stories on paper, I can't concentrate when I'm looking at a bright white screen.

Now I'm at my desk and that's step one really then in my mind I go to my other writing space and this space is my favourite place in the world. It's comfy and I can write for hours when I'm there, depending my kids don't wake up then I have to leave. I don't visit as much as I would like but when I'm there it's used well. I will show/describe you this room but first I AM NOT CRAZY! If you are a creative writer (write stories) and you don't have a physical or imaginary place you go to to switch off completely to be able to write, I don't think you're a writer, as you can't write about another world, and a different life if you're switched on to your own.

I have sketched, like rough sketched my writing space and to be honest it hasn't changed in years, it's a room, you enter and are immediately facing two doors that look out to the ocean, where else would I want my writing space be but by the sea, on the side wall there is a couch that is so comfy it's where you could go if you've been sitting up at the desk for hours, at the foot of the couch is a record player where I have all of Elvis Presley records. Opposite this is my shelf, floor to ceiling book shelves filled with every book, my favourites, I have my dictionary and Thesaurus also my Encyclopedias because there is no Internet in my writing space, I have my laptop for only inspirational purposes. Next to the book shelves I have a cork board up where I put my favourite photos, a few inspiring words, and my writing desk is huge, it's not where my laptop is, it's a separate desk that allows me to look up at the ocean when I'm not looking down at my own words.

That's my writing space, that's where I go when I sit down to write because I can't write any other way, never actually been able to, I've always needed to switch off and for so long it was just a blank space but now I have a word inducing room in my mind I get to go to and write.

I know this post makes me sound a little crazy but I don't care because I know a lot of writers do this, I'm not embarrassed by it. 

Do you have a writing space you wish was real, a place you could go and just write and write? What would you have in it? Or what do you have around your writing desk to keep you inspired and writing for longer? Let me know, drop me a comment. X


  1. I don't really have a writing space what happens with me sometimes i have the drive to just write so i sit or lay down and just start typing

  2. I don't really have a writing space, but I feel most inspired at the beach so I wish I could head there whenever I was writing! xo

  3. This is quite a unique idea for post, never seen it before! My ideal dream writing space would be a large minimalistic office with lots of open space, lots of windows and light shining through! x

  4. I don't really have a writing play. I used to a do a lot of creative writing but had to let it aside coz of university and work. However, as weird as it sounds, inspiration always comes in the worst moment, like when I am at the gym ahah! But one summer, I was writing in my parent's gardens and it was amazing! xx Corinne

  5. If I had a space it would be like a little hut on a cliff edge overlooking the sea. It would have a den in it and a desk and outside I will have a little patch with a hammock! X
    Lola Mia //

  6. I feel like I don't have a space that is mine at all. I see pinterest pics of these beautiful desks and staged props and wonder... do they have children? Lol

    But really, it is something I could benefit from creatively.

  7. It's not just me!!! I have a time and place, every night for half an hour before bed I go up to my room away from my phone and write stuff that's not blog related, it's a nice rest!

  8. Love your little sketches! I don't have a specific writing space, I wish I lived near the beach though because the beach is my happy place so I would love to be able to write there everyday!

    Love, Melissa x